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Antonella Clerici is on vacation enjoying a phase of life in which everything seems to be going the right way. There is only one thing missing to make the moment perfect. Which?

The long hot summer of Antonella Clerici took her to make a stop in Normandy, in the north of France. The best place to relax, among its white cliffs and beaches that ooze with history. – ​​(Source: Google))

Who knows if surfing the Internet the presenter from Legnano had the opportunity to read the confession of Maurizio Costanzo where he says that the show he loves most to watch on television is The Voice Senior. Another great satisfaction to add to the many that last season has already given her.

Everything would be perfect if there was also a particular proposal. Which?

Antonella Clerici and the time of waiting

His next season is already locked in the safe. You host two of the most popular programs on Rai Uno, despite strong competition. Since the presenter returned with hers It is always noon, in the time slot that made it very popular, Rai has regained its primacy in a time slot which, over the years, has become increasingly strategic. And what about his music show, The Voice Senior?

Even in the summer, the reruns of the show manage to defeat the entire competition, waiting for the new episodes of next season. In short, everything is going well for the Lombard presenter. Now uncontrolled rumors are also starting to circulate that speak of a great event that is considered imminent. But what great event are we talking about and then the long-awaited proposal has finally arrived?

Maybe there we are

Since 2016 Antonella Clerici lives a wonderful love story with the oilman, as well as the largest shareholder of Erg, Vittorio Garrone. For some time now the presenter has left Rome to go and live in the splendid villa of her partner, located in Arquata Scriviain the province of Alexandria. Together with them are the daughter of Antonella Clerici, Maelle and the two sons of the entrepreneur.

Some time ago Antonella Clerici, in an interview with the weekly Gente, confessed that: “Marriage? Not now but it is not excluded. It will be an intimate moment, ours. We are complementary and on this subject we think the same way“, As Blue News ( reminds us. But if there is to be a marriage, there must first be the proposal.
(Source: Google)

And here is that sources close to the couple inform that the proposal has finally arrived and that now for the wedding of the famous couple is very little missing. Who knows if the long hot summer of Antonella Clerici he will also give her the date of his marriage to Vittorio Garrone. What is certain is that if the wedding will be, it will be necessary to hurry up because the next television season is almost upon us and the fans of the talented presenter from Legnano will not accept any delays whatsoever. Not even because of her marriage.

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Antonella Clerici, is a daydream: at 58 the wonderful news – Political24

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