Antonella Clerici is not well, here’s what happened and her conditions today –

Fans of E ‘Semper Mezzogiorno were stunned when, without any warning, the show did not air. What happened to Antonella Clerici?

The appointment with Raiuno’s noon is now a must for millions of viewers who would never miss an episode in the company of Antonella Clerici and her cheerful brigade of chefs and friends.

Antonella Clerici suspicious absence here is what happened and how she is now ricettasprint

An unexpected event, however, caused a sudden stop to the program which alarmed the public. What everyone thought at first was a Covid infection, but that’s not the case.

Lorenzo Biagiarelli’s announcement puts fans on the alert: “The only one to be here today”

At the debut of yesterday’s episode, viewers immediately realized that something was wrong. In fact, every day they are welcomed into the fairy forest of Raiuno by Antonella Clerici who with her smile opens the doors of E ‘Semper Mezzogiorno to them. Yesterday, however, after the usual initials did not appear the blonde presenter, but Lorenzo Biagiarelli in a video call. The chef connecting from home where he is waiting for the negativity after being infected by Covid, announced that the transmission would start shortly as usual. This had already seemed somewhat strange, especially after the strange justification provided by Biagiarelli.

“Hi everyone, I’m the only one here. Today is Sant’Alfio, perhaps Alfio has invited everyone to take a picnic to Grondona “ the chef began. “I am left here alone because I am at home. But don’t be afraid, even today an episode of E ‘Semper Mezzogiorno awaits you. It will be a very sweet episode, full of surprises! “ concluded Biagiarelli. In fact, after they left the reruns of the preparation of some desserts proposed by colleagues in recent days. Great disappointment on the part of the viewers who had to be satisfied, however, showing a bit of concern because they were baffled by the fact that the announcement had not been made by their darling.

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What happened to Antonella Clerici? Here’s how it is

Following the announcement of Lorenzo Biagiarelli, a media tam tam immediately started which suggested an outbreak of Covid among the protagonists of the transmission. For this reason, after the succession of unfounded rumors, intervened directly Antonella Clerici from her social profiles. The presenter explained the reason for her health that forced her to leave, postponing the transmission.

Antonella appears tired and a little weakenedbut serene and wanted to immediately clarify what happened. “Hi friends, just to tell you that I’m not on the air today because I had a very high fever last night” explained the presenter. Concluding her message like this: “I had some kind of intoxication so I wasn’t very well. I hope tomorrow to be absolutely with you and therefore very soon, a hug “.

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On the sidelines of the message immediately appeared the comments of his friends and collaborators as well as the inevitable fans who expressed their closeness and support so that he can recover soon. We just have to find out if today Antonella will return to cheer E ‘Semper Mezzogiorno with her smile!

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Antonella Clerici is not well, here’s what happened and her conditions today –

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