Armani Exchange: 6 refined Men’s Gifts for less than 150 Euros

The holidays are approaching and you don’t know what gift to give? My Luxury wants to help you and presents you this list of 6 refined Armani Exchange men’s items for less than 150 Euros; for a trendy Christmas…

The holidays are getting closer and closer, and the anxiety of not finding the gift suitable becomes more and more distressing. This is that characteristic time of the year when we wander around shop windows and shops looking for the perfect one article of clothing (and not), whatever it is, to be donated to people dear to us. There are hundreds of tours around the centre, and even more are the online sites that we check daily without, however, being able to decide which purchase to make; punctually blocked by an excessive and ever-present Hamletic doubt. But it’s no longer time to worry; this year My Luxury will take care of alleviating your search, offering you this small collection of 6 refined gifts from designer men Armani Exchange.

However, our list is not limited to presenting you only simple (however wonderful) products you can donate during these holidays; in fact, to draw up this peculiar wish list of ‘him’, we also kept an eye on the item “price”. In fact, among all the six proposals presented here, none exceeds the limit of 150 euros; gifts refined, branded and cheap. Here, then, are the best choices to spend a peaceful Christmas and to be sure of guessing, at least once, the gift to give to the right person.

The 6 Armani Exchange gifts for men

Here then is our mini collection dedicated to Christmas. The six items, including clothing and accessories, branded Armani Exchange; classy brand that guarantees the highest quality of both the products and their composition, made of premium materials, and the aesthetics of the individual garments. The touch of the Italian maison, in fact, even if we are not dealing with high fashion here, can be felt and clearly seen; giving that peculiar chic and classy element to these items.

And we also said “cheap gifts”; in fact, the list here also takes into account your savings. A list that meets you lost souls by relieving you of the search for the perfect gift. For a peaceful Christmas without rushes and dramas, therefore, it is advisable to continue reading this article and follow the advice of My Luxury; here is the collection of gifts for him under 150 euros signed by Armani Exchange…

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A refined sweatshirt for a cool Christmas


Let’s start from this simple, and at the same time refined, sweatshirt in french terry fabric proposed here in a black tint but also available in four other colors, including burgundy, brown, dark green and blue.

It is a jersey suitable to be worn even on the coldest days to make Christmas and the whole of Verona even cooler. Soft and fluffy to the touch, the aesthetics of the sweatshirt is then characterized by the characteristic “Armani Exchange Milano/New York” writing printed in white on the front; an element that literally breaks up the total black of the entire shirt. Other details of the garment are the round neck, the tight and elasticated cuffs. The price of this sweatshirt is 95 euros.

The Armani Exchange gift set


We continue our list with this little one gift set signed by Armani. A wallet plus keychain combo all branded by the Milanese brand. We are talking about two small precious and handcrafted pieces, made entirely of cowhide. A tasteful gift that is optimal both in terms of aesthetics and practicality.

The wallet, which does not have any compartment used for the possession of coins, inside it has, on the two “doors”, a dense series of slots perfect for storing credit cards or any other similar ones. Furthermore, the Armani signature is also present here on the left side. The price of the gift set is 100 euros.

A cap for the coldest Christmas


Warm, soft and protective; could only be described through these three words the cap represented here. In short, we are talking about a knit beanie hat available in both orange (the same color it is proposed here) and dark grey.

Composition in 100% Acrylic, knitted (a “light” knit) and with a ribbed pattern. Furthermore, as per tradition, the hat proudly displays the small white Armani Exchange logo on the front of the garment. The price of this cap is (with the current discount) from 38 euros.

SmileyWorld gloves, a must of the season


For a warm winter, and for a perfect seasonal outfit, there is one detail that shouldn’t be ignored; i.e. i gloves. These manage to protect the hands from the coldest temperatures, at the same time giving an extra touch of class to the whole style. In short, a real winter must.

And Armani offers this very nice model made up of 80% wool and 20% polyamide, an embroidered knitted garment that shows the characteristic round symbol, or the smile, which suggests that the article is part of the collection “smiley world“. Cute and warm at the same time, these gloves (with the application of the 30% discount currently available) cost 49 euros.

Analog watch, an evergreen for the perfect gift


Here you are the classic of classics; a piece that should please anyone to receive, a fashion evergreen that will never tire anyone, or theanalog clock. In this case Armani offers his model composed of 77% stainless steel (case), 15% leather (black strap), and 1% crystal and plastic. The dial, simple in one aspect and complicated (in terms of composition on the other) also features the Armani Exchange logo and a chronograph, with further indications regarding the days of the week (as well as being water resistant). The price of this watch is 149 euros.

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The Armani Exchange leather belt


And we close with this showy, eccentric and quality; this Armani belt is offered in four different colors (blue, navy blue, black and dark gray) and features the characteristic, and very evident, logo of the brand of the Milanese maison which takes the place of the buckle.

Showy and eccentric, well just look at the image here to understand why. Of quality, instead, because the cita is composed exclusively of fine cowhide; an element that makes us understand the level present in all Armani products. The price of the accessory is 60 euros.

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Armani Exchange: 6 refined Men’s Gifts for less than 150 Euros

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