Bad news for Cancer who will experience unlucky days and 2 other signs of the zodiac will fare even worse

We have all heard about the famous total eclipse and the infamous Red Moon. Impossible not to open a newspaper or read a news without talking about it. This planetary event has always had a certain fascination in popular culture and also for astrology. On the other hand, astrology is based precisely on observing celestial events and predicting their influence on our life.

This particular eclipse is always linked to a period of maximum reflection for all the signs of the zodiac. But obviously, by checking the various houses and the elements, there will be signs that they will suffer the most. Someone will be able to boast of positive turning points, given by even existential reflections, while someone else will find themselves in difficulty. Let’s see what the stars predict for these signs of zodiac who will see it a little gray this week.

Bad news for Cancer who will experience unlucky days and 2 other signs of the zodiac will fare even worse

Let’s start with Cancer, which comes from a long negative trail, alternating only with a few moments of breath. It wasn’t enough live a truly black march, even April and May do not seem to be improving. Fortunately, June is near and the wheel is finally turning in our favor. Let’s not throw ourselves headlong into things without first evaluating the repercussions and thinking carefully. When it’s too good to be true, it likely isn’t. How to know whether to trust? Let’s take baby steps and challenge the other person, whether it’s at work or in love. We will have our answers soon.

Scorpio is also not quite in the top 3 of the luckiest signs of the week. The eclipse, which is right in the sign of Scorpio, has brought some benefits. Some projects went through and we met a person who seems reliable to us. But it’s too early to say victory, let’s wait for June before investing everything we have.

The king of ups and downs

We then end up with Capricorn, the king of ups and downs in recent months. One week everything seems to be going well and the other seems to be sinking. The key word for the next few days is balance. Before giving the keys of our heart to the person next to us, let us wait a little longer. Better to be cautious in matters of the heart after the latest experiences. At an economic level, we are doing more or less well, but the threshold is really unstable, let’s be careful. Unfortunately, not all signs of the zodiac will live days of good fortune.

The balancing game of the stars is always mocking and we can’t do much about it. But there is no need to despair, after a negative period, even if long, there can be light. Unfortunately, the bad news for Cancer continues, in fact it seems to have been gray for some time, already since April things have not been going well. But the turning point is around the corner, we are waiting for the summer to take our life back in hand.


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Bad news for Cancer who will experience unlucky days and 2 other signs of the zodiac will fare even worse

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