Belen Rodriguez jealous of Andrea Delogu? The reaction that leaves no doubt

Andrea Delogu and Stefano De Martino made sparks at TIM Summer Hits. It seems, however, that Belen Rodriguez is not a fan of her colleague nor does she appreciate her closeness to her former dancer and current partner.

Belen Rodriguez she is a passionate woman and, by her own admission, quite jealous. The showgirl, after an infinity of troubling ‘back and forth’, is back at her side Stefano De Martino and their relation proceeds at full speed. Too bad that, it is rumored, al conductor from Campania never miss the feminine attention, even by famous women. And there would be one colleague in particular that of ours argentina it just doesn’t go down …

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Stefano De Martino is now as established on the small screen as his partner. Currently he is busy with the great success from Tim Summer Hitswhich leads together with the attractive Andrea Delogu. The gossip, of course, does not let slip no occasion to explode. And here, in a flash, they started to circulate voices of an alleged flirt between two. A rumor that must not have liked at all Rodriguezand which was promptly denied by the Delogu in an interview. This does not prevent, however, from thinking that it is proper Andrew the ‘famous woman’ who Belen would have recently scolded, inviting her to stay away from her husband.

There were two to thicken the plot social details readily caught by the watchful eye of the web.

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Belen Rodriguez jealous of Stefano De Martino, that tweet from Andrea Delogu does not go down

The last episode of the Tim Summer Hits. The two conductors, always accomplices and close-knit, when announcing the performance of Alvaro Solerthey gave birth to a little one gag. “There is no summer without him …” he exclaimed Andrea Delogu. “And you can say it loud” echoed her Stefano De Martino. The colleague replied, a voice deliberately very high: “There is no summer without him!” To which Stephen he commented, pretending to be stunned: “And you can say it slowly “as if to suggest her not to scream.

There premise it was necessary to contextualize one of the latter tweet of the presenter, who chirped: “I can say Stefano DM TVB a mess, but say it loud? ”, Complete with video of the moment just recalled. There declaration of affection towards theformer dancerhowever, he would not let a jump for joy Belen. According to Dagospiain fact, Argentina would have started sharing on social networks again photo of couple with De Martino just to mark the territory with a woman who fears. Do two clues prove it?

It’s not all. The Pipol Gossip pointed out that the Rodriguez he never reciprocated the follow on Instagram at Delogu, which instead follows it. “This news – reads the page Instagram of the portal – linked toindifference of Rodriguez on social networks towards her colleague, who instead hands out his TVB for Belen’s partner, could be yet another confirmation of the ‘cold’ that Argentina has for Delogu“.

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Belen Rodriguez jealous of Andrea Delogu? The reaction that leaves no doubt

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