Belen: “Stefano is back even though I have a daughter with another, he’s an incredible man”

(In the video above, Belen talks about the relationship with Stefano De Martino)

“I’m in a happy moment. I’ve learned to love myself more. And that makes me function better.” Belen Rodriguez speaks for the first time with an open heart about the flashback with Stefano De Martino, the ex-husband to whom she has returned to bond since last January, after having a daughter with another man. Together since 2012, married since 2015 and Santigo’s parents, the showgirl and the dancer broke up twice, and then always come back together. And today Belen shouts loudly that, in reality, “Stefano has never left”.

The law also says that Stefano has always been there. Yes, because, on a bureaucratic level, the two have never really divorced. “We asked for a divorce once but it didn’t come because we got back together right away – says the showgirl – Then we broke up again, we filed for divorce again, but the judge told us to wait. And so, since then we are back together for the second time, the divorce request has expired for the second time. Stefano is my favorite scoundrel, we have always been officially married. We are still husband and wife “. Belen’s eyes speak clearly. The host of Tu si que vales is madly in love, just like the first day.

Between a breakup, however, Belen had a second daughter with another man. We are talking about Luna Marì, 1 year and a half, born from a short love for Antonino Spinalbeseformer hairstylist today competitor of Big Brother Vip. Well, during the interview with Silvia, Antonino is never mentioned, although he himself is currently exposed in the media precisely because he is ‘confined’ to the reality show of Canale 5. Many, among the viewers, have wondered why. It is likely that she was the same showgirl who asked not to touch the subject during the interview, perhaps making arrangements with the authors of Verissimo. And maybe just so as not to scratch the balance built in his extended family.

Although in fact Belen speaks of the second daughter, Antonino’s name is never pronounced. “I allowed myself the chance to give myself another chance that did not go well, even if at the beginning I hoped for it – Belu just says – Then I met Stefano again who, in reality, is there. it’s always been”.

But what is the relationship that Stefano and Luna have today? “For him it was not easy, because, when he came back, I had had a child with another person. And returning to my life included accepting a daughter who was not his. For this reason alone, he won everything for me. for this attitude. For me it is incredible what he managed to do “. As for Santiago, the couple’s son, he is delighted by the return of his parents: “Like all children, they would like their parents together, so he is very happy”.

The conclusion of the interview is marked by the purest sincerity. “It’s very nice – Belen says about Stefano’s return home – In all this chaos, and in this lack of balance, it was nice to have the further confirmation of loving him so much. Because when these things happen and you choose yourself once again, it means that there is a lot of substance “.

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Belen: “Stefano is back even though I have a daughter with another, he’s an incredible man”

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