Belen: «That’s why Stefano left me twice, I was terrible. Now everything is different, he loves Luna Mari”

Stefano De Martino and Belen Rodriguez, a long love story. It was the year 2012 when Belén and De Martino met behind the scenes of Amici di Maria De Filippi. An encounter that was the beginning of a passionate and overwhelming love story for both, which saw them literally forging ahead, getting married the following year – on September 20, 2013 – after the birth of their firstborn Santiago, on April 9 of the same year. As quickly as love was born, it died between them. In 2015 their “farewell” through an official statement in which there was talk of incompatibility, then in 2019 the return. Everything seemed to be going well, the family was reunited but in 2020 another crash. Belen and Stefano always leave for “incompatibility”. Lifestyles and perspectives too different to walk together. The showgirl sees a safe haven in Antonino Spinalbese and has a daughter with him, little Luna Marì (in 2021). But the union between the former VIP hairstylist and the presenter lasts very little and at the beginning of 2022 Belen and Antonino leave, she is paparazzi several times with De martino, and those photos sanction the third flashback. Now Belen and Stefano are together and are happy to live with their extended family.

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Belen: “That’s why Stefano left me”

The Argentine showgirl at the weekly F has returned to talk about all this. Between one question and another, Belen remarked that Stefano has always left her and that she has also suffered a lot from it. «When we got together for the first time he was 22 and I was 26: we were two kids, famous to boot. We were entering a mechanism of which we had no idea. We weren’t two in the couple, we were thousands: the paparazzi at home every day, the morbidity of people who wanted to know, we lived in a tunnel of predators. I think we broke up was the most natural thing that could happen».

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Problems for dance

Then after De Martino left dance he found his fulfilment. «He’s always had this charisma, this crazy verve: if I chose him, when I could have been with anyone, I had seen something. But life with a dancer isn’t easy: there’s a lot of self-centeredness, little personal satisfaction, lower earnings. In the beginning, when he didn’t have the means to carry out his plans, I was definitely his backbone. And I’ve always supported him a lot anyway». But why, despite this overwhelming love, did the two break up over and over again? «At certain times it could have happened, for example when Santi was born I got a lot of help from my mother. But if we talk about lunches and dinners, my husband really likes being together: Stefano is from Naples. For the rest everyone stays at his house, they have always been very respectful of my life. They never interfered in my sentimental choices. Naturally, having had a certain dialogue with my mother, even deep and passionate, we said things to each other». But as the presenter of Le iene was keen to point out: «Sand you try to run away from someone you love, you can’t do it, you always find him in front of you».

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The love for children

And their feelings have always been very strong, thanks also to Santiago? «The son does a lot but the choice is dictated by the fact that I love this person, I’ve always loved him and I’ve never stopped. Having this beautiful family – Stefano loves Luna Marì – is something I never expected: when I decided to end it with him and take a definitive step with someone else, I ruled out that we could get back together». But love is not commanded. «If you try to run away from someone you love, you can’t do it: you always find them in front of you. When we broke up I was still in love but I didn’t want to suffer anymore. I suffered a lot for Stefano. I wasn’t the one who gave him up. I look strong because in this world you have to build armor otherwise they’ll eat you, but in my private life I’m very generous, very generous. You ask me one thing and I’ll give you a thousand. But I demand the same»

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Belen: «That’s why Stefano left me twice, I was terrible. Now everything is different, he loves Luna Mari”

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