Belen, the truth about Stefano De Martino: «It was he who left me, I suffered a lot. In the couple we weren’t just two…”

Belen and Stephen DeMartino they returned to love each other, after a long period in which the two had taken two different paths, they found each other and now theirs love it’s stronger than ever. This was confirmed by the Argentine showgirl herself in a long interview with weekly f in which freewheeling spoke of his relation with Amici’s former dancer and analyzed the most complex phases of theirs marriagenot always roses and flowers.

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Belen’s interview

As already there Rodríguez had previously revealed in the spotlight, it was not she who interrupted their marriage for a period, indeed she never stopped admitting that she had suffered a lot for their estrangement: «When we got together for the first time he was 22 and I was 26: we were two kids, to top it off famous. We weren’t two in the couple, we were thousands: the paparazzi at home every day, the morbidity of people who wanted to know. I think we broke up was the most natural thing that could have happened », confessed the presenter of Hyenasemphasizing that in the beginning their love was immature.

«In certain moments it could have happened, for example when Santiago was born I asked my mother to help me a lot. But if we talk about lunches and dinners, my husband really likes being together: Stefano is from Naples. For the rest everyone stays at his house, they have always been very respectful of my life. They never interfered in my sentimental choices. Naturally, having a certain dialogue with my mother, even deep and passionate, we said things to each other » Belen he took the opportunity to clear certain drugs gossip relating to the showghirl’s family’s alleged interference in their marriage.

“If you try to run away from someone you love, you can’t do it: you always find him in front of you. When we broke up I was still in love but I didn’t want to anymore suffer. I suffered a lot for Stefano. I wasn’t the one who gave him up. I look strong because in this world you have to build armor otherwise they’ll eat you, but in my private life I’m very generous, very generous. You ask me one thing and I’ll give you a thousand. But I demand the same,” Belen commented, underlining that their rapprochement also took place thanks to her son Santiago.

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Belen, the truth about Stefano De Martino: «It was he who left me, I suffered a lot. In the couple we weren’t just two…”

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