Big Brother Vip, Alfonso Signorini speaks: “Giovanni Ciacci could not have participated because he was HIV positive”

The conductor of the reality show and director of Chi, specified that he had to change the regularly in order to allow Giovanni Ciacci to enter the next edition of Gf Vip.

Giovanni Ciacci51 years old from Siena, well-known costume designer and stylist, will make his debut in a reality show in the next edition of Big Brother Vip. Ciacci is the first official competitor of the seventh edition.

Big Brother Vip, Alfonso Signorini speaks: “Giovanni Ciacci could not have participated because he was HIV positive”

To announce it was the same conductor of the Gf Vip, Alfonso Signorini in the recent report by Who in which the editor of the magazine wanted to explain further details on the entry of the Tuscan stylist. Giovanni Ciacci will enter the house after announcing that he is HIV positive and in this regard, Gentlemen revealed some background.

Giovanni Ciaccias told by the conductor, would have discovered to be HIV positive last year. Just on the occasion of the past edition of GF VipSingorin would have strongly wanted it among his Vipponi, but was forced to discard it because the regulation of the program prevented HIV positive people from participating in the reality show.

This year, Alfonso Signorinihas therefore imposed itself to allow its participation.

“Ciacci I already wanted him last year. But he tested positive for HIV, and according to the old regulation of all reality shows, if you are HIV positive you cannot participate. Not that it was new, you don’t know how many actors, sportsmen, managers I am; but it has always been preferred to silence the matter. Honor to Ciacci, on his coming out. That ban on TV was understandable in the 80s when people always died of AIDS. But, for ten years, the patient has survived with antiretroviral treatments , he lives like a normal person. So I made it a battle of principle. “

It’s still:

“I explained to him that we could not stop at the 80s, and that the world is changing, Mediaset has understood that there are not only rich prizes and cotillons. I realize that it can be out of tune. It is difficult, in a program of trains, gossip and laughter, but I think it is right to exploit such a large television audience. “

“Although the problem arose, a blanket of silence often covered everything. Now we have to talk about it, especially to young people; the president of Anlaids Andrea Gori tells me that now children are getting sick. And many are still convinced that AIDS is transmitted with saliva, And do you know that, despite everything, they tell me that some banks refuse mortgages or insurance policies to HIV patients? But maybe there is a reason why they don’t talk about it. If the concept passes that the disease is treatable, could pass the ‘free all’, and away with the broom * and without a condom. Instead it is better not to get sick, the treatments are heavy, it is not just the tablet as for diabetes or cholesterol. “

And it would not be the only theme that will be addressed in the next edition. The conductor also wishes to clear another one and allow to deal with that of transsexuality as well Gentlemen represents a topic of great interest.

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Big Brother Vip, Alfonso Signorini speaks: “Giovanni Ciacci could not have participated because he was HIV positive”

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