Brad Pitt makes his debut as a sculptor: he opens his first (surprise) exhibition in Finland

from Chiara Maffioletti

The 58-year-old American star made his debut showing his works with Nick Cave: «For me it’s about introspection. It pushes me to see where I went wrong in relationships “

Transparent plastic houses where everyone can look inside. But also of houses pierced with bullets, of which the layout remains engraved in the material. These are some of the works of an artist in his debut who surprised everyone, Brad Pitt. The star at 58 (he will turn 59 in December) has inaugurated his first exhibition. He chose Finland, precisely Tampere, even more precisely the Sara Hildén Art Museum and he also chose to be there, an unannounced but very welcome presence, which alone was enough to make people talk about the exhibition (together with him another artist has also exhibited best known for other talents than sculpture, such as Nick Cave) around the world. And if art serves (also) to make us think, Pitt the sculptor can consider the undertaking successful, especially after presenting his works as follows: «As far as I’m concerned, it’s about introspection. It’s about knowing where I went wrong in my relationships, where I made a mistake. “

The works

And so here are those houses which have been overtaken by ferocious violence and which, moreover, never goes away, make the mind fly right into what has been her home for years, together with Angelina Jolie. The actors – once the most beautiful and admired probably in the world – have been protagonists for years (from 2016 to 2019 the acute phase, but the aftermath is still ongoing) of one of the least friendly separations and divorces in history, with accusations very heavy to obtain custody of the six children. Pitt, accused of violence and mistreatment by his ex-wife, had obtained joint custody, then there was an appeal and to date he has the right to visit, but seems to intend, according to some rumors, to return to court. You don’t need who knows what level of reading to see now, in his art, the darkness of those years. Whether it’s an attempt to exorcise or a true rebirth, the next few months will tell. The fact is that the star with the gaze that made us fall in love so much, after a dark phase, has returned to shine.

After the depression

In an interview with Gq, he admitted: «I believe that joy is a recent discovery. I have always moved with the current, drifting and then to the next. I think I spent years with a slight depression and only after having come to terms with it, trying to accept all aspects of myself, the good and the bad, I was able to capture those moments of joy ». Among these precious moments, there is perhaps also the red carpet in Venice, on which he walked (even in that case surprisingly) a few weeks ago as the producer of Blonde. After all, that too was another piece of his new life. “I think that as far as films for the cinema are concerned, I have reached the end of the road – he declared a couple of years ago, once again to Gq -. I’m behind the camera, on the production side and I really like it. But I do less and less. I think, all things considered, it’s a game for younger people ». But if it is true that he struggles to recognize the faces of others – he declared that he has suffered since 2013 from prosopagnosia, a serious neurological disorder that does not allow him to distinguish faces, even of friends -, no doubt everyone recognizes his as that of one of the most influential actors in the world, capable of moving people. Whether they are in a cinema, on the edge of a red carpet or, now, in some art gallery.

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Brad Pitt makes his debut as a sculptor: he opens his first (surprise) exhibition in Finland

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