Britney Spears “I’ve lost self-esteem”: goodbye to the stage? / “I’m pretty traumatized”

Britney Spears returns to let off steam with fans, via social media: the years of legal protection have to do with it

She returned to reign in the main music charts this summer 2022, with the new single Hold me closer, the duet that Elton John wanted with her following the sentence that released her from conservatorship last November 2021, but now Britney Spears worries fans about the new cries of pain launched via social media, which could confirm her choice, not to return to perform on stage. After having achieved # 1 in at least 40 countries around the world on iTunes, and then ranked first in the iTunes world chart, with Hold me closer – the single released on August 26th – Britney Spears she returns to letting herself go via social media with fans, compared to the 13 years in which she was subjected to the legal institution that considered her unable to act in the name and on behalf of herself and that bound her to the will of the guardians, including her father Jamie Spears, “an abusive protection of freedom and heritage” as she herself denounced in court, before getting rid of the “conservatorship” (in America it is established by a judge for persons suffering from serious physical and / or psychological infirmities and who have need to be assisted by guardians for acts of ordinary and extraordinary administration, but which more and more often turns out to be an institution that exploits those who should benefit from it to the detriment of their rights. In one of the outburst messages shared via Instagram with fans, little later deleted from the caption of a photo still visible on the web that immortalizes it provocatively, without veils and with the B-side in plain sight, Briney Spears suggests that it could and not to return to perform on stage, since she still experiences the trauma suffered in the years of her tutelage, where she was not allowed the freedom of personal and artistic choice.

Britney Spears’ message of pain: is the farewell to live concerts final?

“I’ll be honest – she begins in the release message and then continues alluding to the most recent era in the 13 years of protection, of the last album released, Glory, and the residency-show in Las Vegas-, in the 13 years of protection on 8 videos music facts I only like one, Work Bxxch … and so called professional images are the worst in my tour history as 8 videos I like only one – Work ***** … so called most offensive professional images of each tour. I mean, they will also have retouched the photos and made missteps for me … I’m just saying … the 2 days of filming for the new show in Las Vegas … literally the worst ever and I am in seventh heaven for the photos of the 5 months on tour… they never showed them to me (so he talks about the photos he took with the fans at the meet & greets of the concerts, ed)… “. Hence, therefore, the possible definitive choice by the American pop star not to return to perform on stage, dictated by the conduct that the tutors and his team management have adopted over the years of tutelage: “I much prefer to rest in the swimming pool and taking pictures of myself while I’m in the studio working, than being with the most offensive people in my life. I’m short and my team has always hired the smaller girls, to be on stage with me… like 8 girls talk about humiliation good God… ”. So, for her part, the American pop star complains that she was denied freedom of choice during the years of conservatorship, so – in the Glory era and the residency-tours in Las Vegas – she could not even select the dancers from to sign her for her show. “I’m pretty traumatized – so, she admits – hinting that she might confirm her goodbye to the scenes.” And no, I probably won’t perform again ”. For the moment – as she herself then announces at the conclusion of the release message, the “Saint of Pop” prefers to devote herself to horse racing and her beloved horses.

The message, which was then removed from the photo that immortalizes Britney Spears without veils, then seems to come to light again, in new words, in a new post, where the artist once again denounces how much immediately due to protection: “I would I wanted to choose nannies for my children… my dancers… That is, if I had had Christina Aguilera’s dancers I would have looked extremely small. I mean, why not talk about it ?? Do not think that today I could have had self-esteem if I could have chosen where to live, eat, who to call on the phone, hang out with and who should be on stage with me !!! It’s hard… sometimes I see how much of my femininity was ripped off in that moment and each person stood by as a spectator, saying nothing !!! Anyway… I’ll be from here to talk about things that people have NEVER talked about! ”. In short, in the renewed message of pain, although not confirming the farewell to live concerts, Britney Spears seems to be ready to denounce all the wrongs suffered from 2008 to 2021, the years of her “imprisonment”. That the pop star can return to perform very soon?


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Britney Spears “I’ve lost self-esteem”: goodbye to the stage? / “I’m pretty traumatized”

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