Camilla Parker out of her mind, that heavy disgrace to Lady Diana: angry subjects

Camilla Parker has always been Lady Diana’s antagonist and the sensational gesture against her has infuriated all the English. Inattention or challenge?

Camilla Parker –

There are some lines not to be crossed, but Camilla Parker always seems to surpass them all especially when it comes to Lady Diana. After years of betrayals and disputes, today Camilla has become the Queen Consort wife of King Charles III as per the wishes of Queen Elizabeth.

However, that gesture against the beloved Princess of the people has certainly not gone unnoticed and will not be forgiven so easily.

Carlo and Diana, a three-way wedding

Many years have passed, but no one will ever forget Lady Diana as the people’s princess. The phrase that made history meant to tell the whole truth about the relationship between Carlo and Camilla Parker.

Diana and Camilla
Diana and

A marriage, that of Charles and Diana, questioned right from the start considering that the statements of the then prince were certainly not the best. As mentioned by all the British media, just before the wedding, Charles he would have confided to a friend that he was about to do the right thing for his country.

Translated it means that that marriage was not for love, but for the will of the Crown. That the heart of Carlo has always belonged to Camilla it is well known, but at that time it was hoped for a fairy tale with a happy ending.

Carlo Camilla and Diana
Carlo Camilla and

Diana had a moment of crisis the day before the wedding, confiding to her sisters that she would no longer want to marry. One of them made her think, because by now her face was everywhere and represented the Reign together with Prince Charles.

After the birth of William and HarryDiana made up her mind and after 15 years stated in an interview that hers was a crowded marriage referring directly to Parker.

Today King Charles III he is married to his great love, Camilla Parker. In 2005, their union put a seal on everything that happened before. For Carlo, the previous marriage was a mistake, because he didn’t have time to figure out whether or not Diana would be the woman in his life.

Charles he never blamed anyone and he is happy that his splendid children were born from his union with Diana. Today as King he starts a new life, next to the woman he has always loved.

The disrespect to Lady Diana: the subjects point the finger at Camilla Parker

Camilla Parker is a woman full of irony and has never stopped making gaffes in public. The rudeness addressed to Lady Diana it did not go unnoticed and has remained indelible over time.

On the day of her wedding to Prince Charles – July 29, 1981 – Diana was completely distracted by Camilla’s presence in the church, as told by royal biographer Sally Bedell Smith. Shortly before wearing the wedding dress, the Princess of the People saw the gift that Camilla gave to Carlo: two twins with the initials F and G or Gladys and Fred, the nicknames that the two lovers they used in their intimacy.

But that’s not all, the gesture of Camilla it was done live in front of the whole world. When Diana walks down the aisle, she sees Camilla among the many guests dressed in white.

Gesture at Lady Diana's wedding
Gesture at the wedding of Lady

The rules of the wedding are well known and are even more strict when it comes to a royal wedding. Camilla dared to dress in white at her enemy’s wedding and the British have never forgiven this gesture.

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Camilla Parker out of her mind, that heavy disgrace to Lady Diana: angry subjects

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