Camilla: the evil stepmother of the story? For Harry and William it just seems like that, that’s why

What happened between Camilla, Harry and William. The two brothers united in at least one aspect, now another bomb explodes.

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Camilla, for Harry and William, represented essentially a hostile figure. An immediate explanation comes practically natural, to motivate this. In fact, everyone knows how the current queen consort was Lady Diana’s greatest rival, who is the mother of the two princes.

The late Spencer died in the early hours of August 31, 1997, following a tragic road accident in Paris. Dodi Al-Fayed, who was dating Diana at the time, and their driver were also killed on the spot. The ex-wife of King Charles III instead died a few hours later in hospital, following a painful agony.

And both before and during her marriage, Diana had to live with the bulky figure of Lady Parker Bowles. In fact, Camilla represented a constant figure for Carlo and it is known that she was his mistress. With her death, Diana allowed the two to come out into the open, so much so that the couple practically united shortly after the disappearance of the then Princess of Wales.

Camilla vs Harry and William, how things have changed

Obviously Harry and William know how much Camilla has done suffering to their mother. Although I have never made any statement against Diana, it is behaviors, more than words, that make the difference. And in the case of the queen consort, public opinion is convinced that she herself could and should have saved so much tribulation to the still beloved sad Princess.

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In Harry’s autobiography, entitled “Spare” and released on January 10, 2023, the second son of Carlo and Diana talks about the unwelcome figure of Camilla. Both he and his brother William had expressed their father’s wishes at the time didn’t marry her.

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And the two would not even have liked the fact that people and the press ended up comparing the two women. In any case, Carlo would have opposed a clear refusal to the request of his two children. And in fact in 2005, in the month of April, the marriage with Camilla was celebrated, who in the meantime had already been divorced for some time.

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It should also be said that, over time, at least with William the woman was able to build a relationship based on mutual respect.


And also the subjects have learned to accept Camilla, because of her always being composed, representing the interests of the Royal Family and also well accepted at the time by Queen Elizabeth.

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Camilla: the evil stepmother of the story? For Harry and William it just seems like that, that’s why

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