Catia, Elisabetta Franchi’s sister to Men and Women

TO Men women there is a new lady who is already dividing the spectators: we are talking about Catia Franchisister of Elizabeth. With a strong personality and innate class, Franchi immediately won the interest of the Knights, including Biagio, who was dating Gemma Galgani. Catia made her appearance in the studio on Friday 15 April 2022: since then she has already been at the center of the scene.

Who is Catia, Elisabetta Franchi’s sister at Men & Women

The presence of Catia Franchi, sister of the designer Elisabetta, did not go unnoticed in dating show from Maria De Filippi. Since her first appearance, she has hinted at her strong character: many of her have recognized her, and moreover, on her Instagram, she has shared some shots of her with Elisabetta. And it is in the family business that she works.

Aunt of Ginevra and Leone – children of Elisabetta – Catia Franchi is a great lover of sports and outdoor activities: in particular, on her Instagram profile she loves to share her mountain bike rides. She lives in the province of Bologna – which lends itself well to your bike rides – precisely in Casalecchio. The lady also has two children: Milos And Naomi Michelini. The latter has been at the center of some rumors in recent times, for an alleged flirtation (promptly denied) with Tomaso Trussardi, after the announcement of her separation from Michelle Hunziker.

Catia Franchi is already the protagonist of Men & Women

In the parterre of the Over Throne of Men women, Franchi immediately made its first appearance directly. The dynamics of the show, moreover, lend themselves well to strong characters who know how to impose themselves, with an unmistakable style: we are sure that it will give great satisfaction.

In the 2021/2022 television season, the Classical throne has struggled to establish itself, but we cannot say the same of the Throne Over, which instead is continuing to enjoy considerable success, thanks to Ida Platano with her storieswithout forgetting to mention the Turin lady, Gemma Galgani, and her eternal tale of unattainable love.

Catia Franchi, the appointment with Biagio who divided the audience

In fact, Franchi immediately became the protagonist of a memorable moment, which not only divided the audience, but also the parterre of Men womencarrying Gianni Sperti and Tina Cipollari to intervene. On the occasion of an outing with the rider Biagio Di MaroCatia has expressed some complaints about his behavior and accused him of wanting to appear a different person in the eyes of the cameras.

“I went out there on Thursday night. She invited me to the hotel for an aperitif and dinner. It’s not that I want to be a stranger, but you can’t invite me to a restaurant in a hotel where there are three mummies. It wasn’t a live restaurant where there were people. The next day, she promised me to go eat sushi ”, but in the end, Biagio took her to eat in a take-away pizzeria. Tina and Gianni took the Cavaliere’s defense, while users on social media did not miss the opportunity to comment on the story in an ironic way.

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Catia, Elisabetta Franchi’s sister to Men and Women

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