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Very, very bitter tears for the young Chanel Totti, who right now finds herself forced to endure a double pain, namely the separation of her very famous and beloved parents in the first place and the disappearance of a dear person …

It was – without a shadow of a doubt – a great pain that felt not only by the young Chanel but also by her brothers, the separation of her parents and the loss of a person particularly dear to them, but who is it? Who left this world?

Chanel Totti with her mother Ilary, united in pain

Between a Rolex and a bag, obviously – to say the least – the case of the end of the marriage, which for many was a sort of fairy tale but without a happy ending, between the former captain of Rome and the presenter of The Island Of The Famous has been thrilling everyone for months, as well as tearing the hearts of their fans, clearly including those of the first hour.

But the big fuss raised by the triangle of the now ex couple and Noemi Bocchi, the new flame of the Pupone, today was put in stand by for a special and very painful memory, as well as much, much moving.

After the story on Instagram of the former player, even the eldest children Chanel and Cristian have published a beautiful story about Social to remind their beloved paternal grandfatherwhich appeared 2 years ago due to the Covid that still sadly winds its way through our lives, with the uploading of some photos with an exquisitely and infinitely amarcord flavor.

The grandfather died two years from Covid, the memory of Chanel

Enzo Totti died in 2020 – we reiterate it again – due to Covid and unfortunately, due to the regulations in force due to the pandemic, which had taken everyone by surprise, none of his family members, therefore not even his son Franciswas able to be close to him in the most difficult moment.

Ilary’s second child and her now ex-husband, Chanel, therefore, his splendid granddaughter, published a black and white shot in his company, when he was a very young age. Sweet homage also from the eldest son Christian who wanted to send a tender thought to his grandfather with a click.

Francesco is heartbroken

While Ilary Blasi, after the announcement of the end of their romance she became more and more active on Instagram, to the immense joy of his supporters who have glazed themselves at the sight thanks to the publication of several shots in a bathing suit and with very sensual outfits, the former Giallorossi captain has chosen silence, thus opting for the utmost confidentiality. But on such an important occasion he wanted to make an exception., addressing a sweet thought to his dad.

The dedication of Chanel and Francesco for Enzo
A sweet message for a loved one who is no longer there

Il Pupone shared very tender photos in which he is immortalized with his parent, with a very special dedication. “Two years without you already “. The fact of not being able to stand by him because of the rules anti-Covid it had broken his heart in two and still today, in addition to the death of his father, he still suffers from this.

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Chanel Totti, the sad gesture after the parents’ divorce: tears on social media – SoloCine

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