Charlene of Monaco, ready to forfeit: what happens if she misses the Rose Ball

Charlene of Monaco is still ill and it is feared that it may jump the Rose Ballbut also the Red Cross Gala, two of the most important events in Montecarlo. With consequences that can become risky for his role at court and for his relationship with Alberto.

Charlene of Monaco Saturday 4th June tested positive for Covid and it is force play again in isolation, so much so that he has already had to cancel from the agenda the third meeting on the historic places of the Grimaldi Family in Monaco, leaving his daughter Gabriella was the protagonist of the scene.

Charlene of Monaco, forfeit risk

Although the Palace immediately reassured her health conditions, speaking of mild symptoms, many are worried about the recovery of the Princess already debilitated by the serious nose, throat and ear infection that struck her in May 2021. The virus could keep her out of public life for a long time, especially if she carries with it that malaise and exhaustion known as long Covid.

In particular, it is feared that Charlene is forced to forfeit two very important events in the Monegasque calendar, the Ballo della Rosa and the gala of the Red Cross of which she is the godmother. These events are among the most glamorous of the year and could not be organized for two years due to the pandemic.

The Palazzo has already announced the presence of Charlene at the two evenings, next to Alberto. According to rumors of the French media, both dances are part of that list of events agreed by the mysterious contract that the Princess would have signed with her husband. Charlene is said to have made a commitment to attend some institutional appointments in exchange for a salary from 12 million euros that Alberto would pay them annually.

Ballo della Rosa: what it is and when it is

The Rose Ball, originally scheduled for March 19, has been postponed toJuly 8 due to the health emergency linked to Covid, but sources close to the Palazzo claim that the date change was also wanted to allow Charlene to be present. In fact, last March the Princess was still recovering and was unable to show herself in public.

The organization of the Rose Ball it was entrusted to Caroline of Monaco who chose her friend Christian Louboutin as artistic director and together they chose the theme: “The Twenties, the return”. The proceeds from the evening will go to the Princess Grace Foundation. The day after the evening, the exhibition The Exhibition[niste] will be open to the public from 9 July to 28 August.

Charlene of Monaco, what happens if she doesn’t go to the Rose Ball

If Charlene were to miss the appointment, it would be a serious setback for the Grimaldi family and especially for Alberto who would find himself alone again at an institutional event. Besides, he might have serious consequences for the Princess itself that would once again see its power being cast aside in favor of the rise of Caroline of Monaco. In fact, it is known that there is no bad blood between the two women and that Charlene seems to have pretended not to share any more events with her sister-in-law. But Alberto did not give in to his requests.

Red Cross Ball 2022: what it is and when it is

On the other hand, if Charlene were prevented from attending the Rose Ball, she could also skip the Monaco Red Cross gala. Also in this case the participation of her together with Alberto and Carolina di Monaco has already been announced. The highlight of the evening is the opening of the dances by the Prince and Princess, which takes place immediately after the extraction of the bingo and the sumptuous dinner.

Charlene of Monaco, what happens if she doesn’t go to the Red Cross Ball

If Charlene fails to attend, her husband will be in dire straits and should find a partner for the prom as soon as possible. And here her ex could creep in Nicole Coste. In fact, according to what was reported by Galathe woman could appear at the gala taking advantage of the eventual absence of the Princess, as she did on other occasions last year, once again undermining the relationship between Alberto and Charlene.

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Charlene of Monaco, ready to forfeit: what happens if she misses the Rose Ball

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