Charlene of Monaco, the kiss with Alberto for the new announcement

Charlene and Albert of Monaco they left everyone pleasantly surprised when they took hands and exchanged a kiss during a public event. The couple has never been so affectionate and never had they shown such a degree of intimacy. Not only that, the Princess appeared radiant and in splendid shape, accomplice the wonderful look absolutely to copy. In fact, a white shirt and black trousers are enough for elegance and class to triumph. But let’s proceed in order.

Charlene of Monaco, the perfect white shirt

Charlene of Monaco accompanied her husband Alberto to Peille, in the Maritime Alps, for the laying of the foundation stone of a SPA refuge, the Society for the Protection of Animals of Monaco. The two were last seen together during a commemoration for Queen Elizabeth at the Anglican church in Monte Carlo. Then the Prince flew to the Monza GP leaving his better half at home, despite being a great friend of Charles Leclerc. A separation that she had surprised, which the Princes immediately remedied the next day.

So, Charlene simply enchanted Peille by sporting a classic but really refined look. After seeing her with the pink dress for over 3 thousand euros and with the dress with holes in it, the Princess chose again Akris which is fast becoming her favorite fashion brand. This time though it’s a fitted white shirt that she paired with a pair of black cargo pants, signed Louis Vuitton, and the gala flats by Jimmy Choo. The look is completed with a long pearl necklace and Prada sunglasses.

Charlene of Monaco, the kiss with Albert

Charlene is lovely with her husband Alberto. The two they hold hands during the laying of the first stone, they talk tightly and he gives her a tender kiss on the cheek as she receives him with great affection and complicityto. They look like two sweethearts and not a couple who have been married for over 10 years.

The harmony and attraction that reigns between Alberto and Charlene is truly special and after this release rumors about the arrival of a new baby they become even more insistent.

Charlene of Monaco, the new mission

But on the other hand, much affection is reserved for the fact that the Prince wanted to pay homage to his wife. The public event became the occasion to make the announcement of a new Charlene mission that was named president of Monaco SPA by her husband.

This position was previously held by Baroness Elizabeth-Ann de Massy, ​​Alberto’s first cousin. Upon her death, in 2020, the post remained vacant and now the Prince has decided to entrust it to Charlene who is already fighting for the defense of animals, especially rhinos in collaboration with the South African SPA, the Thanda Foundation and Kevin Richardson Foundation.

Through this appointment, Alberto wanted to declare to the world all the esteem and love he reserves for his wife and expressed it with very personal and intimate gestures of affection that appeared spontaneous for the first time.

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Charlene of Monaco, the kiss with Alberto for the new announcement

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