Charlene of Monaco, the latest indiscretion is absurd: everyone is talking about it! –

Charlene of Monaco, the latest indiscretion is incredible: everyone is talking about it!

There were those who motivated his disappearance last year from the principality bringing up one suspected pregnancy (a son not of Alberto?). Then, there are those who say that the return of the princess to Montecarlo pushed the Prince Albert to insist with his wife on the subject: the Monegasque sovereign would like another childto overcome the current crisis with his wife and show the world that their family is still united.

Would Princess Charlène really be about to have a new child? (Ansa) –

But what is the truth? The few available photos of Charlène Lynette Grimaldi, born Wittstock, show us a thin woman, still physically undermined by the long illness, often sad, and therefore not ready to welcome another child into her life. What is certain is that the princess missed her little children a lot Jacques And Gabriellaand that these days he is dedicating himself to making up for all the lost time.

A few days ago Charlène posted on Instagram the photo of her children with short hair, telling how Gabriella wanted to play hairdresser: the little girl cut her hair and then her brother. Later came the photos of the twins’ back to school. The Prince’s Palace of Monaco itself shared exclusive images of the royal siblings’ first day back with the caption “Back to school for Crown Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella“.

Does Charlène want to have another child? Here is the truth

Last year the twins entered school, for their first day at François d’Assise-Nicolas Barré, without being accompanied by their mother. Wittstock, at the time, was located in Africa. And this year, therefore, he did not want to miss the important event. Thus, together with Prince Albert II, he accompanied his seven-year-old son and daughter to school on 5 September. All this motherly tenderness leads someone to imagine that the princess is determined to welcome another child into the family.

Depressed Charlène -
Depression: this is the main problem facing the Princess of Monaco (captured) –

But besides the twins, is the princess really ready to have another baby? The woman still appears very weak and she seems to be still dealing with the depression. It therefore seems unlikely that Charlène of Monaco really has the desire or way to take care of a newborn. Following the ENT infection, the princess still needs to rest and find peace. Some argue that Alberto wants to convince her to to adopt a little. Maybe a needy child from the African continent, just to indulge an old idea of ​​the princess …

But now things have changed. Even if for some years there have been rather insistent rumors about a possible new pregnancy of the princess, it seems unlikely to imagine her struggling with gestation and then with the care of a baby. It really seems too soon. Or too late, depending on your point of view. Although Prince Albert would like a third child with his wife so much, it is reasonable to expect that the princess will no longer agree with this too much. project.

Meanwhile, the princess is back on Instagram to pay tribute to the queen Elizabeth II and extend his condolences to the English Royal Family. I am deeply saddened from the news of the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, a great lady whose dedication and service have been recognized around the world during the 70 years of her reign. “

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Charlene of Monaco, the latest indiscretion is absurd: everyone is talking about it! –

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