Charlene of Monaco with the € 3,090 dress: she wins them back and never leaves them

Charlene of Monaco this time there is for his children Jacques and Gabriella who went back to school on Monday 5th September. The Princess accompanies them wearing a maternal pink dress, fully regaining her role in the education of the brothers. Another step towards normality after the serious difficulties due to the long illness.

Charlene of Monaco, children’s first day of school

Last year, when Jacques and Gabriella were starting first grade, Charlene of Monaco she could not be present on their first day of school, because she was stuck in South Africa due to the infection that hit her nose, throat and ears and that for many months kept her away from home. Then next to the children there was only father Albert of Monaco. After a short time, however, the twins were withdrawn from the institute to give them an education in the Palace more suited to the needs of their future roles at the Court. At the time their education was partially entrusted to Caroline of Monaco who did her utmost to help her brother in difficulty between commitments in the Principality, his distant and sick wife and small children.

But now that Charlene is definitely recovering from her illness and regaining her strength, she has not only returned to public life but has resumed her role in taking care of Jacques and Gabriella firsthand. Even if during the summer holidays she never showed up with them or with Alberto, the Princess in a recent interview reiterated how much her daily life is focused on her children.

Evidently with his return, Charlene and Alberto have decided to re-enroll the twins in school and so here they are accompanied by both parents for the start of this new school year. Jacques and Gabriella attend the François d’Assise-Nicolas Barré institute where they had already been inserted in September 2021.

Charlene of Monaco with the pink dress from € 3,090

For this new first day of school, the Princess wears a light candy pink sleeveless dress with hood scarf, from the brand Akris, with a thin belt at the waist. Cost? 3,090 euros, which combines with a pair of sandals of the same color, with a high heel. A non-casual choice of shades, since pink indicates calm, maternity and femininity.

Jacques and Gabriella serious in front of the school

Jacques and Gabriella in dark jeans and red polo, school uniform, they don’t seem enthusiastic to start over. In the official photos posted on the Palazzo’s Instagram profile, the little ones hold hands, as if to give themselves courage, while Charlene looks ahead with pride. This time she does not embrace her children, as if she intends to entrust them to the institute.

Twins never smile, focus on this new adventure. But they don’t give up on a few touches of joy. Gabriella wears a cat ear headband that hides the haircut she made herself and colored bracelets, Jacques has the Super Mario Bros folder. The time has come for them to go back to normal, above all they can finally count on their mother who, as he said, is very focused on them. Even if the rumors that Charlene and Alberto want to adopt a child do not seem to diminish.

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Charlene of Monaco with the € 3,090 dress: she wins them back and never leaves them

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