Charles is King and Buckingham Palace already goes haywire: first diplomatic incident

Charles III became King just over 10 days and already Buckingham Palace falters, committing a mistake against the Danish Royal Family that could easily turn into a serious diplomatic incident. At the center of the story is the invitation to Queen Elizabeth’s funeral sent to Princess Mary of Denmark, a note that should never have been sent. A real international mess.

Carlo Re, first pies

This with Mary of Denmark it is the second organizational accident of Buckingham Palace since Carlo is King. The other occurred while her Majesty’s coffin was in Westminster Hall to give her subjects the opportunity to give her the final farewell. The crowd that gathered was so great that the Palace was unable to manage it and it was decided to stop the queue trapping thousands of people for hours.

Mary of Denmark mistakenly invited to the Queen’s funeral

But if the queue matter remains an internal affair, that of Mary of Denmark has requested the intervention of the Foreign Ministry which has had to apologize to the Danish monarchy. The problem arose when the Palace sent invitations to Queen Margaret II of Denmark and her husband Henrik, including Princess Mary, wife of the heir to the throne.

The Danish Crown thus announced on September 13 that all four of Their Majesties would take part at the funeral of Elizabeth II. But there were no traces of the Princess’s funeral. No one saw her at Westminster Abbey and no official communication was made about her absence. Such a silence made fear the worst. What could have prevented Mary of Denmark from forfeiting such an important event? Her absence remained shrouded in mystery for an entire day, until Buckingham Palace made his mistake clear.

No offense on Mary’s part or other serious impediments, she simply could not attend Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, because her invitation was sent by mistake.

An apology from the Foreign Office to Mary of Denmark

In fact, the Palace had decided to allow heads of state and royal families to bring a guest each. As for Denmark, therefore, only the King and Queen and the Crown Prince Frederick, Mary’s husband, were envisaged. At that point, the invitation was sent to the Princess but in reality could not participate. In fact, on September 19, the day of Elizabeth’s funeral, the Danish monarchy had communicated that the Sovereigns and the Prince were expected in Westminster without mentioning Mary again.

At this point, the British Foreign Office had to intervene and formally apologized through the embassy with the Danish court for the terrible mistake committed. The “unfortunate mistake” it was committed because the Foreign Office had to send out many invitations in a short amount of time, so what could turn into a diplomatic incident was justified.

Who is Mary of Denmark

Mary of Denmark is the wife of Crown Prince Frederick. Born in Australia in 1972, she meets her future husband in 2000 in a Sydney pub. The two married in 2004 and have four children.

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Charles is King and Buckingham Palace already goes haywire: first diplomatic incident

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