Chiara Ferragni, the first nights with Fedez: «We couldn’t touch each other …». The unprecedented detail

The most awaited video on the web, the fixed appointment of Story Time from Chiara Ferragniwhere he reveals the background of the romance with Fedez. The secrets that no one expects, from the first time that the queen of influencer she saw Fedez in their first conversation, to the point of revealing Chiara’s fears of being, at the time, paparazzi in the company of her current husband. The initial fear of her, as she explained in the “bets” from Tik Tokwas to end up in the mouth of the gossip for a date of one evening, he wanted to make sure, before coming out and giving life to the rumors, it was a serious acquaintance.

Chiara Ferragni, the “shock” revelation about Fedez: “I was terrified …”

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The first nights of the Ferragnez

But let’s get to the new meeting, which Ferragni posted on social media. This time she is not alone, but in the company of a “special guest” in the video, Fedez. The digital entrepreneur recounted the first appointment with the rapper, which took place in September 2016 in a hotel in Milan, where Chiara was staying, to avoid being paparazzi.

“I was coming back from Los Angeles, we hadn’t heard from each other all summer. But the day I was returning he wrote to me “Ferragni, you owe me a dinner”. I thought he was smart and determined and so I said yes. At the time I no longer had my apartment in Milan and was staying in a hotel, so to avoid the paparazzi I invite him to dinner in the hotel restaurant. It was a very nice dinner!»Confesses Chiara, while Fedez spoils that, despite the scruples, they were still photographed together. In addition, the singer is unbalanced by referring to some intimate details on the first night, but the influencer blocks the video several times laughing.

Then Chiara continues the story: «We had a good time, then I leave for New York. We feel because there are paparazzi about us. In these articles it comes out that I had a bouquet of flowers and they write that he had given them to me (Fedez). In fact, my partner had given them to me for a business thing ». Fedez later surprises her, once back in Italy, with a bouquet and explains: «Chiara and I were waiting to do the great leapbut we couldn’t do it, because while she went to New York I went on a mission with Unicef ​​and I got a disease that is called, mouth, hands, feet. It’s a disease where you have infectious pustules and so we’ve just been talking all week. ” La Ferragni, amused, remembers those days in this way: «We did this week during the Fashion Week where he came to my room, every night, and we spent hours talking without even being able to touch us“. This is the shocking revelation of the influencer, who left all his followers with bated breath, anxiously awaiting the next episode …

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Chiara Ferragni, the first nights with Fedez: «We couldn’t touch each other …». The unprecedented detail

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