Cinema, revenues drop – 48%, Fantastic Beasts remains first – Culture & Shows

Black May Day weekend at the cinema, with a decline of 48% on the previous weekend and the situation of the cinemas more and more tragic since now the weather also plays its part on the appeal of Italians for cinema on the big screen as well as most likely the obligation of FFp2 masks extended until June 15th.
The cinema business in Italy is experiencing one of the most serious crises in its history, second only to the slow bleeding of closure, it rises when in the early 90s the number dropped to 3,000 first due to the smoking ban and then to the boom in television entertainment . A crisis that is all the more visible than the resumption of the theater.
Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets, the third film in the saga written by JK Rowling and produced by Warner Bros with Eddie Redmayne and Jude Law remains in first place after three weeks, while losing 63% compared to the previous weekend, adds 642,766 thousand. euro reaching almost 7 and a half million euro, a good result for these times. In second place was Downton Abbey 2, released 4 days ago by Universal, and which grossed 420 thousand euros by slipping into third position The Sex of Angels by Leonardo Pieraccioni (01 Distribution) with just 269 thousand euros and a total of 1 in two weeks 228 thousand million. Pieraccioni is an example of the disaffection of the public: his easy comedies have always attracted at the box office, one above all Il Ciclone, 75 billion in receipts, a figure not even conceivable today and even if they have gradually decreased over the years certainly not so far. And these are the results of the first three places at the Italian box office according to Cinetel data.
In the rest of the top ten, even the films designed for a young and very young audience fail to collect a minimum, a further sign of distance from habits.
With a worthy result remain The Batman who surpassed 10 million in 9 weeks. For a significant comparison that says a lot about the deep red of Italian cinema: in 2019 of this period (therefore with the season of trips and bridges) the superheroes of Avengers: Endgamen, after two weeks in the cinema had already grossed over 26 thousand euro and in the weekend of 1 May almost 4 million. Today the success of Fantastic Beasts is 7 and a half million euros and 642 thousand for the weekend.
Here is the Cinetel ranking of the top ten most viewed films over the weekend from April 28th to May 1st 2022
THE SECRETS OF DUMBLEDORE 1 642.776 7.498.735 3 WEEK
A NEW ERA 0 420.427 420.427 4 DAYS
3) THE SEX OF ANGELS 2 269.649 1.228.093 2 WEEK
4) THE NORTMAN 4 228.746 847.445 2 WEEK
5) SONIC 2 – THE FILM 3 227,854 3,681,648 4 WEEK
6) THE LOST CITY 5 195.219 777.218 2 WEEK
7) SURPRISE FINAL 6 106.972 482.951 2 WEEK
8) HOPPER AND THE TIME LOST 7 67,619 405,698 2 WEEK
MAGIC 0 56.117 56.117 4 DAYS
10) TOO BAD 8 44,639 2,420,076 5 WEEK