Clizia Incorvaia, the words on Signorini after Gabriele’s baptism (against any controversy)

Little Gabriele was baptized in Sicily, surrounded by the love of his family and an exceptional godfather, who promised to be a present and attentive guide. A few days after the ceremony, however, Clizia Incorvaia wanted to intervene on her social networks to chase away any absurd controversy mounted on the choice of this figure chosen to be part of the life of her son, who had a love for Paolo Ciavarroand he did so with a very precise statement.

Clizia Incorvaia, what did she say about Alfonso Signorini

“I hope my son Gabriele has culture and mental flexibility like his godfather which many unfortunately lack. Faced with the beauty of a baptism and the choice of a godfather, I come to talk about “sexual direction” which is not connected to being a good Catholic “, he wrote Clizia Incorvaia on his Instagram profile, claiming the value of his choice and hoping that his son is inspired by the spiritual guide he has decided to put by his side.

A reflection that Incorvaia deemed necessary and which should not have been necessary. Her words, combined with a beautiful image of the three of them on the day of baptismthus chase away any absurd and sterile controversy about the private life of Alfonso Signorini (which does not qualify his value as a Catholic), who instead appeared excited and proud to be able to cover the role of godfather and being able to play a role in the growth of little Gabriele. A shot that was instead liked by many gods Incorvaia followerwho literally went wild with a shower of comments in their favor.

The choice announced to GF Vip

Alfonso Signorini knew well he had to be the godfather of Gabriele Ciavarro. After all, it was he who acted as Cupid to his parents, who met and fell in love within the walls of the GF Vip. Guests of the broadcast just 4 days after giving birth, Clizia Incorvaia and Paolo had announced to the presenter that yes, he would be the one to baptize their baby.

“I will be a guide for him,” said the director of Who, showing visibly excited in the many images that the influencer (and model) wanted to post on his official social channels. The big party that followed the ceremony it was organized on a child’s scale, just as Clizia declared during the interview given to the weekly directed by Signorini: Alfonso is back as a child, I wanted everyone to have fun, rediscover a real playful dimension. For this there were the mimes, the dancers with soap bubbles, the fire eaters … And then I love the past, the slightly retro aesthetics, the wooden games: I have a real passion for vintage. And Alfonso, as enthusiastic as he is, let himself be carried away by this atmosphere, this magic ”.

On marriage with Paoloinstead, everything is silent. The two have often stated that they want to take this step but have certainly not put it at the top of their list. On this, Clizia has often joked: “Le wedding? If Ciavarro organizes them, it will be him and me. Probably at the North Pole ”.

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Clizia Incorvaia, the words on Signorini after Gabriele’s baptism (against any controversy)

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