Closes Detto Fatto, Bianca Guaccero’s tears (also for Caterina Balivo)

No sooner said than done closed after 10 yearsbetween tears, and some controversy, of Bianca Guaccero. The presenter thanked the audience and her collaborators, and she shed a few tears thinking about the joys and difficulties of these four years at the helm of her. The alleged rival of all time, the former presenter of the program, also greeted her Caterina Balivo.

Detto Fatto closes, Bianca Guaccero: “Happy but complicated years”

It had been in the air for some time: No sooner said than done has closed its doors permanently after 10 years broadcast. The Rai 2 show has gone through several crises in recent years, especially during the parenthesis – which lasted four seasons – of Bianca Guaccero. The presenter, however thanked everyone for this beautiful and formative experience, which saw her go from actress to full-time presenter for the first time.

“I brought my world: I wasn’t born a presenter, but an actress. I brought the theater, I brought the musical, I brought music, which is another of my great passions, and I hope to be able to tell me how I like it. “

Bianca, however, did not hide that happy moments alternated with difficult ones: “They have been wonderful years. The first years were very happy, years of great discovery for me, the last ones were a bit more complicated because we went through very complicated moments in the history of humanity, such as the pandemic and now also the war. Entertaining the public over time was no longer just fun, it was almost a duty. “

Guaccero is proud of the journey made and of having led, together with the cast of No sooner said than donebeauty, especially human beauty, on the small screen.

Detto Fatto closes, the message of Caterina Balivo

Caterina Balivo was the hostess of No sooner said than done for the first six years of the program, before its passage, not very lucky, on Rai 1, in the same time slot as the program. A situation that had immediately labeled the two women as rivals, indeed enemies.

An urban legend that sold well on the Net, so much so that it always kept the attention alive on the container of Rai 2, but subjecting the Guaccero to a continuous comparison with the former host. Yet, to close the circle, Caterina Balivo greeted one Bianca Guaccero in tearsputting an end to these rumors once and for all.

“You Bianca did very well, you were a perfect hostess. We were lucky to meet these wonderful people, but the time has come to say goodbye and then who knows, maybe to meet them again ”said Balivo.

Guaccero then recalled the early days, and the promise he had made to her: “This handover was not easy, because the public loved you and loves you so much. You created an extraordinary reality, I entered on tiptoe, as you know, as I promised you, I hope I made this adventure with the respect it deserved, thanks Catherine. “

Because Detto Fatto has closed

Listens that didn’t work, an outdated format, and different controversy on social media (how to forget the one about how to be sexy while shopping!).

However, in recent years Guaccero has always defended the program tooth and nail, sometimes becoming even (excessively?) In turn controversy when it came to closure, a factor that certainly did not facilitate neither her nor No sooner said than doneindeed, at a certain point it created a climate of tension which then enveloped the program.

Until this year when, the continuous changes of schedules, gave the definitive blow to the afternoon container of Rai 2. “We have always tried to bring joy and you have always, always followed us, despite the continuous changes of timetable – Bianca pointed out today – one day we lasted an hour longer, one day we lasted an hour less. You have always been there and you have guaranteed the success of this program. ” In short, even in this last episode there was no lack of it some bit of bitterness.

“I have read a lot of things in recent months, which I don’t even care to talk about because I believe that the facts speak for me, which are the most important thing. I stayed here until the last day proud to bring this ship to port, until the last day ”concluded the host.

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Closes Detto Fatto, Bianca Guaccero’s tears (also for Caterina Balivo)

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