Damiano David, the ironic dedication for Giorgia Soleri’s birthday (who responds in kind)

For Giorgia Soleri’s birthday We give David dedicated an ironic and funny post to her. The influencer turned 27 and the Maneskin singer did not miss the opportunity to share a photo with her girlfriend, affectionately making fun of their age difference.

Damiano David, happy birthday to Giorgia Soleri

Special day for Giorgia Soleri, who just turned 27. The influencer and feminist activist on Instagram thanked her family, her partner, her lifelong friends and her followers, posting a photo collage in front of her birthday cake. “Sorry, they had finished the candle with 1, in reality they are 17”, she wrote jokingly accompanying the photo.

But among the social greetings those of could not be missing Damian Davidwho took advantage of the opportunity to affectionately teasing his girlfriend. “It’s never been so nice to be a toy boy”, is the caption – written in English – that accompanies a sweet portrait of them, topped off with an “I love you”, reciprocated by Giorgia.

Embraced, smiling and very much in love, the two have three years of difference, but that was enough for the singer to joke about it. And Soleri did not sit idly by, responding in kind to his partner: “Prettyoooo look at that I keep looking smaller“, garnering the acclaim of the most loyal fans.

Damiano and Giorgia Soleri, the romantic elopement in New York

Just in recent days the influencer reached the Maneskin frontman in America, engaged with the band right in the United States. The singer wanted to take a few days off during the holidays, and his girlfriend Giorgia flew to New York to spend a few days with him.

A romantic getaway in the Big Apple, which the two documented – always with their usual reserve – on Instagram with posts and some stories. Among these a very sweet selfie that immortalizes them in a classic New York diner, in a moment of refreshment between one visit and another around the city. “Love from New York“, Damiano wrote accompanying the photo, while his girlfriend Giorgia commented on the post with a tender “much love and tiredness”.

The couple has been together for six years now – the singer and the influencer have been dating since 2017 – and they couldn’t be happier and more in love. Just some time ago Soleri wanted to share with her fans some shots of her story with Damiano, going beyond the confidentiality that characterizes their love.

A series of photos of the present and of past years, which immortalize kisses, hugs and happy moments of their relationship and which show all the beauty of their relationship. A solid, unique bond that has remained firm in the face of successes and difficulties, growing together and supporting each other. As in battle of Giorgia Soleri, engaged for years in a struggle to raise public awareness and politics on those invisible diseases – in her case endometriosis and vulvodynia – which afflict many girls like her.

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Damiano David, the ironic dedication for Giorgia Soleri’s birthday (who responds in kind)

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