Dead grandmother Pina: she inspired the famous Zecchino d’Oro song

Giuseppina Villani
Giuseppina Villani

She had landed at the “Zecchino d’oro” in 2003 and that catchy ditty about her grandmother from Bologna and her tasty plate of pasta had immediately conquered everyone and won the edition. In almost twenty years, “Grandma Pina’s tagliatelle” has become a real intergenerational catchphraselanding as a break in a well-known culinary television show, being hummed by some artists, also at the Sanremo Festival, and danced in the disco, in the remixed version by Gabry Ponte.

Famous thanks to the composer son-in-law

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Maybe not everyone knows but grandma Pina really existed. And those noodles of hers “full of energy and great medicine” were also real, as the text explained. The pensioner, born Giuseppina Villani, from Baricella, Bologna, died at the age of 86 on Sunday 1st May. To make her become the protagonist of the last generations, mentioned by children and adults – even if she had always been behind the scenes, private person as she was – was the son-in-law. Maestro Gian Marco Gualandi, composer from Bologna. Who signed the lyrics and the music. A song that does not know time the one about the mother-in-law, able to put you in a good mood, to make you water and tear a smile. Beyond the age factor. To think that that little song about the pasta magician grandmother had been rejected for a few years by the Zecchino d’oro jury before being interpreted byto little Ottavia Dorrucci and win the 46th edition, that of 2003. The rest of the story would be said.

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it was reinterpreted by Cristina d’Avena, and sung live by Orietta Berti as well, in 2010, on the occasion of the grand gal of the Zecchino d’oro. But “Grandma Pina’s tagliatelle” it was also the fixed piece of the TV show “La prova del cuoco” by Antonella Clerici, and was also included in the awards of “Your Business”. Clerici herself also sang it on the last evening of the Sanremo Festival in 2010. And every time it is mentioned, it seems to see her grandmother Pina, perhaps with an apron on, serving those steaming and fragrant tagliatelle, “with rag”, that “fill you up with energy for six days or more”. Who knows how many times he did it for his loved ones Giuseppina Villani. With her husband, before he left her, with her two children, son-in-law, daughter-in-law and grandchildren. Son-in-law that she has actually consigned her to history. Even now that her smile has faded, that she will no longer be able to cook, the Bolognese pensioner will remain in the imagination of all who will mention her humming about her and about her fabulous tagliatelle capable of giving her energy.

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Dead grandmother Pina: she inspired the famous Zecchino d’Oro song

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