Delia Duran, ‘Screams Throughout the Night’: Party Ruined | It ends in tragedy

Delia Duran: ‘Scream during the night’, completely ruined party. It all ends in tragedy. What’s happened? The details about it.

Delia Duran –

Beautiful model and actress, Delia Duran is constantly at the center of the media buzz because of his private life and his ideas organized with his life partner, the interpreter of “CentoVetrine” Alex Belli.

Beloved couple, in the last hours, the couple ended up in the eye of the storm due to different absolutely unexpected episodes occurred during a very exclusive event. What is it about? Let’s find out together!

Delia Duran: Ruined party

The sixth edition of the Big Brother VIPconducted for the third time in a row by Alfonso Signorini and exceptionally ended on 14 of March 2022is still holding court among the very glossy front pages of the gossip column.

Protagonists of gossip and GF Vip 6, Delia Duran and her partner Alex Belli do not stop talking about them because of the dynamics they have created inside the most spied on house in Italy and are continuing to manufacture day after day in the private sector.

This is exactly what is happening in the last moments. Indeed, it appears that the beautiful Venezuelan’s birthday party has been ruined. What are the reasons? What happened? The details about it.

Delia Duran cries
Delia Duran –

Alex Belli and Delia: the birthday party ends in tragedy

Beloved, hated and much talked about, Alex Belli and his Delia, in recent months, have put a lot of meat on the fire. In fact, everyone remembers the stages of their love story: the Promise of marriage on the beach; there almost breaking at Big Brother VIP 6 and the backfire with the desire to become parents.

In fact, there are many rumors around the couple, including the one that it would have to do with the desire to expand the family. This expressed the Parma actor during the episode of April 28, 2022 of “Afternoon Five”.

However, Belli didn’t just reveal this dream in the living room of Barbara D’Ursobut claimed that there were gods problems during her sweetheart’s birthday party, which took place in Milan. It seems that it all ended in tragedy. Because?

Alex Belli and Delia
Delia Duran and Alex Belli –

From what we learn, at the birthday party they were invited several former Vipponi and well-known faces of the entertainment worldlike the Selassie princesses or Valeria Marini. To have declined the invitation for the event with a pink dress code (called “DD Pink Party”), there would have been some ex gieffini and Barbara D’Urso.

Among the people who stood up to Delia there would also be some friends. However, what is making the people of the web chatter is a tweet published by Alex Belli against Solei Stasi Sorge why the two they have stopped following each other on the various social platforms.

“It’s time to do the spring cleaning

Furthermore, as if that were not enough, between this comings and goings of emotions, Duran also felt unwell.

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Delia Duran, ‘Screams Throughout the Night’: Party Ruined | It ends in tragedy

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