Did you understand who Andrea Zenga boyfriend of Rosalinda Cannavò is – Back cover

Andrea Zenga is a handsome Italian man, best known for his participation in Temptation Island Vip: Rosalinda Cannavò’s handsome boyfriend is an artist who has been working in the shadow of gossip for years.

Enrico, Walter Zenga’s son, had a promising career as a goalkeeper, but an injury forced him to retire. Today he works as a personal trainer and is known to the television audience for his participation in Temptation Island Vip (2018) with his ex-girlfriend Alessandra Sgolastra. In 2020 he also entered the Big Brother Vip house as a competitor, where he found love! Let’s find out more about his biography and private life….

Who is Andrea Zenga?

Andrea Zenga, born in Milan on 16 September 1993 (Virgo), looks a lot like his father Walter. The third son of the former Inter and national team goalkeeper, he is the son of Roberta Termali (who also had Nicolò Zenga by Walter Zenga). As a parent, Andrea embarked on a rosy football career. He has played for teams such as Passatempese and Sambenedettese. After his football career ended, he started a personal trainer business.

Andrea Zenga: private life

Andrea Zenga and Alessandra Sgolastra participated in Temptation Island Vip 2018, where they rekindled their love. The couple had always lived away from the spotlight, but the gossip was not long in coming. Zenga and Sgolastra broke up in late summer 2018, but he announced the couple’s reunion in late November. Again it did not last and the two broke up permanently some time later.

Hello lads! Until now I haven’t written anything because there are more important things in this period so I don’t want to talk about them but, given the many questions I get asked, it seems right to tell you that theo and Alessandra we broke up. There wasn’t any fight or anything but that’s just how it went and I think it was a right decision by both of us“.

With his father did not never had a relationship properly happy. He revealed it himself to the microphones of Trentino newspaper: “I almost never hear it“. In fact, he had revealed that he did not receive any advice from Walter Zenga: “I don’t have a great relationship with my father. I give the advice to myself“…

Zenga tied to Rosalinda Cannavò in 2021, even though she was already engaged. Once out of the GF’s house, Rosalinda broke up with her boyfriend and started a relationship with Zenga. After a year together, the two got engaged and appeared in public with matching rings.

Who is Rosalinda Cannavò, Andrea Zenga’s girlfriend?

Before entering the Big Brother house, Rosalinda was known by her stage name, that of Adua Del Vesco. The Sicilian actress, known for her fiction with Gabriel Garko but also for her relationship with the actor (which later turned out to be a cover), during the reality show she chose to go back to her origins, rediscovering herself by changing her name. She has a tattoo on her left forearm that reads Nicky, as seen in several of her posts on her Instagram profile. Rosalinda lives in Milan, but we don’t know this from the web. There is no information on her earnings.

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Did you understand who Andrea Zenga boyfriend of Rosalinda Cannavò is – Back cover

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