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Today she is one of the most desired women in Italy. But this event we are sure that she will leave you speechless

His looks, mostly published on Instagram, are now a cult. Thousands and thousands of followers waiting for a post from him, accompanied, of course, by a photo showing himself in all his glory. But maybe not everyone knows that she too, every now and then, has to receive no. Here’s the story.

Diletta Leotta, a terrible disappointment | Pontilenews.it

30 years old, originally from Catania. With her blond hair, her bursting shapes and her provocative clothes, she is a real idol of Italian males. Over the years, she has also made headlines for her relationships. Above all the one with the beautiful Can Yaman. But, more often than not, the gossip is fierce and she has also attributed several flirts to her, never fully tried.

A constant chatter. This is also because within a few years Diletta Leotta becomes an idol. A highly desired woman who, in fact, is disputed by the various advertising brands. Thanks to her skill, no doubt. But, certainly, also to her beauty and her very irrepressible forms. She begins her career with some beauty contests. But she soon gets to the networks that matter.

First Mediaset and then Sky, where he specialized in sports broadcasting. Its landing on the DAZN platform was later announced, for which he has been hosting the “Diletta gol” program since October 2018, while since 2019 he has been hosting the spin-off programs “Diletta gol stories”, “Diletta gol in campo” and “Linea Diletta” on the same platform.

On 17 September 2018 she leads, flanked by Francesco Facchinetti, the final of the 79th edition of Miss Italia on LA7. Again on LA7, the following December 5th, you host the Gazzetta Sports Awards. February 4th and 8th 2020 (1st and 5th final evening) he joined Amadeus in conducting the Sanremo Festival.

Not just television, however. A great passion of Diletta Leotta, in fact, is the radio. In 2014 she leads RDS Academy, the first talent show dedicated to radios, broadcast on Sky Uno. And since 2017 she has been hosting the show “105 Take Away” on Radio 105.

The great exclusion

During her participation in the Sanremo Festival, Diletta Leotta gave a monologue on beauty. “Beauty is understood, it’s not a merit,” she said. The malignant ones, however, especially after that monologue on the Ariston stage, claimed that resorted to cosmetic surgery. They did so based above all on a photo of Diletta from a few years ago, where he was in costume and smiling. The blond hair is the same. But there appear to be some significant differences. Let’s start a very brief overview: first of all, the nose seems quite pronounced. And the lips, cheekbones and décolleté were also different.

Certainly not as irrepressible as today, with Diletta showing off round and inviting shapes. In short, the malicious argue that the well-known conductor may have made some adjustments. Since, however, the brother is a cosmetic surgeon. And he is also very popular.

Diletta Leotta and her participation in Miss Italy (web source) 9.1.2023 pontilenews
Diletta Leotta and her participation in Miss Italia (web source)

And so, then, it appears in the records that in 2009 Diletta participated in Miss Italy. On the web there are still a few shots in which Diletta is actually very different from today. In that experience, she didn’t go through to the final phase, reaching only the pre-selection of the competition, before live TV.

“I chose to participate in the selections because, like many girls my age, I thought it could turn into a stepping stone” he said in an interview some time later. Well, we can say that the rest hasn’t gone bad at all…

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Diletta Leotta: a terrible disappointment | That’s why she was discarded-pontilenews.it

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