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Vera Gem, screenwriter and Italian film actress, is born to Rome 50 years does (Gem, 2018). Despite is daughter from an established actor, Giuliano Gemma, Vera Gemma has carved out a distinct path as a playwright. Vera Gemma was on Survivor 2021 and is now engaged to Jeda, a musical producer 22 years old . Vera will return to Survivor Honduras in 2022 as an invited guest.

Who is Vera Gemma?

  • First name: Vera Gemma
  • Age: 51 years old
  • Birth place: Rome
  • Profession: Actress and writer
  • Date of birth: July 4, 1970
  • Zodiac sign: Cancer
  • Height: unavailable
  • Weight: unavailable
  • Tattoos: unavailable
  • Official Instagram profile: @ veragemma17
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Vera Gemma, on 4 July 1970 in Rome, is daughter by Giuliano Gemma and Natalia Roberti . Vera has traveled to Paris to start from the 2008, after having inhabited before a Rome And then in Paris. Vera Gemma, a of the more appreciated actors of the period between the years ’60 And the years ’80, is state accompanied by Giuliano Gemma. In reality,2012 Vera starred in Woody Allen’s film, “To Rome With Love “, one year before to die because of an accident. Vera Gemma’s mother is dead in 1995. Vera has overcome the moment of pain connected with there death of his mother e preserved a nice reminder of his childhood. During an interview, Vera has described how serene and happy is his childhood because of the fact that her father has never made her lack love and affection. Natalia Robertiis the mother of Giuliana Gemma, sister of Vera Gemma. Vera Gemma, who grew up in Rome in the characteristic district of Trastevere, she moved to Los Angeles in the 2008, after a period in which he also lived in Paris. Vera has found there city a bit’ lazy, so she moved to Los Angeles in the 2008, after a period in which he also lived in Paris.

Jeda boyfriend

Vera is currently fiancée with Jeda, a trap music producer 22 years old , despite having a very open mind and is a curious person who does not judge people by appearances. Vera believes that the age difference is not a problem because she is intelligent and curious and does not stop at appearances. The sister by Vera, Giuliana, from I sing his , thinks that Jeda is a man honest And responsible and that she likes it. Giuliana herself dated a man 15 years her junior for several years. Once upon a time there was Vera Gemma in love with a woman, and she _ never has hesitated to admit it .

Ex Husband

Vera Gemma married Jamil, a sample of Kung-Fu in 2001, in a wedding ceremony to Caracalla. Vera Gemma he wore a outfit awesome for the occasion. According to the designer, the dress was “extraordinarily appropriate to her character and temperament”. Gemma and Jamil’s marriage would end after _ _ a short time. Vera yes it would then in love of the musician blues Henry Harris a Los Angeles And Maximus, that Now has 10 years, it was produced. A series of images on Instagram show Vera expressing her affection for her son Maximus.

Work and Career

Vera Gemma is ticket in the world of the cinema And of the show in tender age . In Cultural Events Vera said: “Cinema is a place where I was born and raised. I found out at my house. I was always on the sets as a kid, and I stayed in the background and _ _ _ _ observe everything carefully . I have developed this passion thanks too to my father” . In 1996 Vera Gemma entered the world of entertainment passing from cinema to theater and making friends with Asia Argento. Asia Argento is friends with Vera in Dario Argento’s film Stendhal’s Syndrome, which is where It has met for the first time . In 1997 she starred in the films Thieves of Cinema, Alliance cherche doigt, Hardboiled Egg, Stressati and Cartoons.

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Do you know who Vera Gemma is? Age, Boyfriend, Father, Island, Husband and Children – Back Cover

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