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Disconsolate, it was his stage name and in the 2000s he had a tremendous success in terms of comedy. Not for nothing was he considered the television personality of those years, but starting from the following decade he began to gradually disappear from TV… What happened to women today? What are you doing right now?

What happened to him and what life he is leading today Anna Maria Barberain art Disconsolateafter its resounding success in the 2000s where was it practically omnipresent in both television and cinema?

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Starting from its debut in Zelig Circus, conducting entertainment programs such as Seriously a Part And Strip the Newsup to successful movie sets, such as the one in the film Heaven suddenly in 2003 directed by Leonardo Pieraccioni until the following year with the cinepanettone Christmas in lovedirected by Neri Parenti.

In short, we can well say – and aloud – that the professional life of Anna Maria Barbera from 2003 to 2005 it was literally studded with a series of important successes. Both the Small and the Big Screen competed to contend for it, but then something has changed and the appearances of Disconsolate who was – we remember him for absolute reporting duty – the character who gave her popularity to Zelig, they gradually thinned out. From 2011 to 2021, very little was seen on television and film scenes, to say almost nothing.

But – apparently – there were very different factors that caused Barbera’s popularity to drop dramatically. Among these also a family mourning. She talked about it …

She was the star of both the Small and the Big Screen

It was the year 2002 when Disconsolate is “landed” a Zelig presenting himself with a macaronic southern dialect and making millions of viewers laugh with hilarious stories about the marriage adventures related to the his character.

Within a few months its fame reached the stars: it was then that the management of Strip the News with Luca Laurenti and Alessandro Benvenuti and that of Skerzi a part together with Manuela Arcuri and Teo Teocoli. In 2005 he was also a Dancing with the Stars.

And then here it is Cinema, which strongly wanted it in highly successful films, such as – to name just a few – Heaven suddenly , Christmas in love Eccezzziunale really – Chapter two … me , Wedding in the Bahamas, Wedding in Paris and, after years of hiatus, There pair of samples .

The reasons for his farewell to TV and cinema

Anna Maria, after disappearing from TV and cinema, continued to work in the theater. But in any case, the years from 2011 onwards were by no means easy for her. She explained it herself during a heartfelt chat with him Sunday In. Before Mara Venier, the artist hinted at rather thorny and very delicate problems of a family nature that he had to face. Among these also a mourning, on which she did not – however – want to give details.

On the other hand Anna Maria she has always been very private about her private life. . These are her words about it: “I have faced a difficult period. The worst is over and I don’t want to talk about it anymore. I think people keep traveling, it’s not like they go away. The problem is dealing with suffering when there is an absence and a presence when there is strong suffering. Out of respect for everyone, and for my mother, who keeps going, I have to be careful what I say … ” What happened to Anna Maria Barbera?

Anna Maria Barbera in the studio of Domenica In YouBeeIn an interview with the magazine People, the artist spoke of another very delicate theme concerning his life. Namely the birth of his daughter Charlotteborn 34 years ago, in 1987 and today she is an actress.

At the time Anna Maria was 25 years old. When she became pregnant, her partner did not take the situation well at the time. Barbera found itself – therefore – a decide between having a baby or leaving the boyfriend. She opted for the second, also guided by faith that never made her feel alone.

This is her confession about it: “When I got pregnant, my man just wanted me. And I left him to have her. I have no merit, if not like every careful parent, to have care, dedication and prayer, so that your child can flourish without interrupting the divine plan. Faith guides me even when it seems that strength is failing… ”.

And regarding his daughter he candidly confessed: ” She is also an actressthe. I hope that she is serene and happy, like all mothers, and that she can feel fulfilled: family, motherhood, that she does not waste away. She graduated, she is a committed girl, she never looks for shortcuts and she has a lot of talent ”. Immense heart of mother!

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Do you remember Anna Maria Barbera? Today after Zelig is reduced like this – Youbee Magazine

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