Doesn’t everyone know who Lorella Boccia is? Age, biography, husband, children and Niccolò Presta – Back cover

Lorella Boccia (born 27 December 1991) is an Italian dancer and television presenter. She became known to the general public after her participation in the twelfth edition of Amici di Maria De Filippi and was the first Italian dancer to participate in the film Step Up: All In.

Lorella Boccia has built an artistic career, but her love for dance dates back to childhood. She has become one of the world’s leading dancers, earning the affection of fans around the world. Let’s try to better understand her journey, between work and feelings: we reveal everything about the beautiful dancer!

Who is Lorella Boccia

Name and surname: Lorella Boccia
Date and place of birth: December 27, 1991, Torre Annunziata (Naples)
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Profession: Dancer, conductor
Husband: Niccolo Presta
Daughter: Light Althea Presta
Social: Instagram

Who is Lorella Boccia? Biography and career

Lorella Boccia, born in 1991 in Torre Annunziata, Naples, pursued her dream of becoming a professional dancer. She decided to move to Rome, where she took her first steps in dance at the age of 4, later graduating in this discipline and working at the Teatro San Carlo in Naples. Her face is famous for appearing on the small screen as one of Maria De Filippi’s pupils in the twelfth edition of Amici and later as a presenter of Colorado together with Paolo Ruffini. In 2022 she leads Made in Sud together with Clementino.

The private life of Lorella Boccia

Lorella Boccia, a dancer, is married to Niccolò Presta, son of the VIP agent Lucio. In December 2017, he surprised her with a very romantic marriage proposal! In April 2019, the exact date was announced, that of June 1, 2019. On that day, the two said yes. Before the love story with the man she decided to marry, the dancer was linked to the choreographer Bruno Centola, with whom the relationship lasted 2 years before her lucky landing on television. In April 2021, on Instagram, the couple announced their first pregnancy with a particular shot: in the foreground Lorella and her ultrasound; in the background Niccolò posing excited by the news.

Lorella gave birth to her daughter Luce Althea on October 20, 2021. The mother shared the news on Instagram with a very sweet post. A not easy birth, as told by Lorella herself: “It wasn’t easy. The birth was natural, I suffered a major laceration. I couldn’t sit down, for ten days I ate lunch and dinner standing up, I nursed her lying in bed. And when there is physical pain, the mind is also affected”. Luckily it’s much better now.”

After the pregnancy she got back in shape by losing 15 kilos, as stated in an interview with the weekly Moreover: “When Luce was four months old I started giving her formula. And since the Made in Sud proposal had arrived, I got down to getting back to my ideal weight. I trusted a nutritionist, who studied a food plan that was right for meable to make me lose weight without taking away too much energy“, has explained.

Who is Lorella Boccia’s husband, Niccolò Presta

Niccolò Presta is an Italian entertainment manager and producer, born in Rome on July 18, 1992. His father is the famous entertainment agent Lucio Presta. According to Forbes magazine, the young man is one of the most influential under 30 agents in Italy. After finishing his studies, he started studying psychology at the European University of Rome. During his career he held various jobs. Today Niccolò is a manager and celebrity representative. Niccolò Presta and the dancer Lorella Boccia got married on October 12, 2019 in Rome. Their wedding was attended by many celebrities. In 2021, the two had a daughter whom they named Athea.

Name: Niccolo Presta
Date of birth: July 18, 1992
Age: 28 years old
Zodiac sign: Cancer
Profession: Producer, sole director of ArcobalenoTre, Vip’s manager and Show Business entrepreneur
Place of birth: Rome

Official Instagram profile: @ennepi_np

Where does Lorella Boccia live?

The dancer and her husband Niccolò live in Rome, the city where they both work. There is no information on the neighborhood where they reside.

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Doesn’t everyone know who Lorella Boccia is? Age, biography, husband, children and Niccolò Presta – Back cover

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