Domenica In, Mara Venier exaggerates with Bocelli and sons: it’s controversy on the web

Viewers did not like the long and a little too celebratory interview with the tenor’s family: the Rai 1 variety submerged in criticism on social media

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Andrea Bocelli was among the guests of the episode of Sunday In broadcast on 11 December on Rai 1. The singer presented himself in the studio by Mara Venier accompanied by children Matthew and Virginia, with whom he was the protagonist of a very long interview that lasted over an hour. A block monster – a real rarity in the era of sprint TV – which many viewers thought it was excessiveso as to unleash a storm of social criticism on the Sunday container of the first network.

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Andrea Bocelli and sons: maxi interview with Domenica In

The Tuscan tenor, with offspring in tow, took advantage of the Domenica In stage to present the new Christmas album “A Family Christmas”, which contains some evergreens like “Feliz Navidad”, “Happy Xmas (War is over)” and “Merry Christmas”, as well as the single “Il giorno piùspeciale”. Bocelli performed with Matteo and Virginia in “Happy Christmas“, so he confessed to Zia Mara the joy he feels in going on tour with his children after decades in which he walked alone on the most famous stages of the globe: “Finally I was able to work around the world with my family instead of leaving alone. Every time it came time to say goodbye it was very sad», said the singer. Who then revealed that with this new album, the Bocellis intend to “bring the message of the family to the world”.

Social protests: “How boring”

The people of the web, however, do not seem to have liked the family picture that has monopolized a good part of episode of Domenica Inamong other things broadcast in a reduced format to make room for Rai 1 allo in the afternoon Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2022. In fact, it rained on social networks criticisms of Mara Venier and to the space reserved for Bocelli familyjudged by many to be too long and a little too much celebratoryalmost one big advertisement to the singer’s new record and tour. “When does this end hustler?” asked a user on Twitter. And like him many others: “And that’s enough boredom“, or: “I’m sorry, Bocelli family, but you are not arriving as you would like. There is something that tastes forced and fake. Too cloying.”

And finally, there are those who used social media to invite Mara Venier to quickly close the block dedicated to Bocelli to make room for Drusilla Foer, the other guest star. “Fade and give us Drusilla” thundered a viewer. To which another echoed, using even clearer and more colorful terms: “In my opinion, everyone has done it, directors, but everyone. But let Drusilla in and don’t fuck with whoever pays the canon“.

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Domenica In, Mara Venier exaggerates with Bocelli and sons: it’s controversy on the web

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