Edoardo and Nicolas vs Carmen Di Pietro “It looks like an armpit that you put on your feet” / They fail her shoes and …

Edoardo Tavassi jokes with Carmen Di Pietro: the nice reunion of the former castaways …

Edoardo Tavassi, Nicolas Vaporidis, Carmen Di Pietro and the son Alessandro Iannoni they were the protagonists of a nice reunion. A few days before the final of the Isola dei Famosi, the four castaways met for dinner together in Rome. Many would have liked to see these four castaways in the final but unfortunately Edoardo was forced to retire due to health problems while Alessandro favored studying. Last night, Carmen, Edoardo and Nicolas shared the best moments of their meeting on social networks and there was no shortage of funny curtains. Edoardo Tavassi made fun of Carmen Di Pietro for her shoes. Nicolas Vaporidis commented: “It looks like an armpit that you put on your feet.”

Carmen Di Pietro was once again the victim of this reunion and was also targeted by her son Alessandro. Edoardo then taking advantage of Carmen di Pietro’s jealousy towards her son pulled a bad joke on the woman. Turning to Alessandro she told him: “After you and I go to Salaria”. Carmen Di Pietro, however, sent him to that country. The four former castaways are now inseparable even if many have noticed the absence of Guendalina Tavassi at the dinner. Edoardo, Carmen, Nicolas and Alessandro spent an evening full of fun and pizza. There was no shortage of curtains between Edoardo Tavassi and Carmen Di Pietro: “You only get the ration of rice, you are not a leader and you have not won the reward test”, Edoardo jokingly said.

Edoardo and Tavassi and Nicolas Vaporidis ready for a new reality show?

Between Nicolas Vaporidis And Edoardo Tavassi a beautiful friendship has blossomed. The Island of the Famous has just finished but Gwendolyn’s brother is already thinking about new adventures. In an interview with Fanpage, Edoardo Tavassi revealed that he wanted to participate in the Beijing Express in the company of the actor: “Of course I would do Beijing Express with Nicolas Vaporidis. I would do anything with him. That program is really cool. I’d do it all right, nice to do it with Nico. Yes, it would amuse me and I would immediately say yes. We have already done so much The Island that has accustomed us to everything and to hunger. I have lost 23, maybe even 24 kg. Nicolas is the one who suffered the most from hunger with Carmen. The two of them were starving. I have never suffered, I entered with the belly. I entered I weighed 112 kg. I thought ‘mo dive into the sea and make a tsunami ”. Their friendship blossomed slowly and transformed into something important. Vaporidis himself in an interview with Corriere della Sera revealed: “A relationship born on tiptoe has become increasingly important. He helped me to open my door light, joyful, playful and less serious “.


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Edoardo and Nicolas vs Carmen Di Pietro “It looks like an armpit that you put on your feet” / They fail her shoes and …

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