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Elenoire Ferruzzi is a transsexual showgirl and artist who defines herself on her Instagram profile as a “public figure, showgirl, actress, singer and gay icon”. And – in fact – on the Web she has been able to give vent to all these facets of her. She now she is ready to become the star of the new edition of the Big Brother Vipconducted by Alfonso Signorini.

Assigned at birth to the male gender, during adolescence she began to suffer from gender dysphoria and from the age of 16 she turned to Cosmetic Surgery to feel more comfortable in your body. She then chose a new name, which it soon became his stage name and for which she is famous today.

Elenoire Ferruzzi – Solospettacolo.it

The Ferruzzi has literally depopulated and still depopulated on Social, sharing personal shots, musical performances and sketches on his profiles, but above all his thoughts collected in short writings and / or videos. Here the true personality of the showgirl shines through and can be defined as bursting, irreverent but also infinitely sarcastic. With those that she defines herself during an interview with Mr. Ponza Blog (2017) “allegorical videos that tear a smile “, she gives us infinite pearls of wisdom on current events, on her own transition path, on the struggle for LGBT + rights on those against the stereotypes that are assigned to him, almost constantly every day.

In this way Elenoire quickly became a kind of authentic landmark for many people and, as she extensively told in the aforementioned interview, she also felt a sense of accomplishment when her fans, who are very numerous, thank her for the strong impact that has had on their lives.

The choice to become a social diva

Despite its success, Ferruzzi continues to appear only on Social because, as he told the magazine Rolling Stones in 2019, fears that on TV he would not be able to express himself as openly as on the Web. In fact, he stated that: “On TV they don’t go beyond my character. The world of TV is a small mafia, they only invite whoever they want and as long as they say what they want ”.

In 2018, however, she appears exceptionally on the screen, when she debuts in the cinema playing herself. Christian De Sica and Massimo Boldi have – in fact – strongly wanted her with them on the set of Friends like beforea comedy that determines the return of the couple after 13 years of separation.

In December 2020 her name leaps to the headlines when the idea that she could be one of the future guests of the house of the Big Brother. Then the 2020 edition is not made, but in September two years later, when Alfonso Signorini shares clues about the participants in the seventh edition of Big brother Vip, again the showgirl is included among the possible competitors. And – in fact – now it will. That she has- therefore- changed his mind on the Small Screen?

Elenoire’s nails, how long are they?

However Elenoire is also very famous for her nails that cannot go unnoticed! They are often red lacquered and are long well 20 centimeters! Many argue that they cannot be true but she guarantees they are! They have clearly become one of her hallmarks, along with her platinum blonde wigs and her brightly colored lipstick.

Are Elenoire Ferruzzi's nails authentic?
Elenoire Ferruzzi Solospettacolo.it 1 19 September 2022

Elenoire Ferruzzi she does not like to talk about her age or to congratulate her on her birthday. Therefore, the year in which she was born is not known, but only the day and the month are known: June 23rd. Every year – in fact – on this day her mother Giovanna Arfili sends her best wishes through a post by Facebook. It is not known, her real name (or rather, the name that was assigned to her at her birth) which is not available online and, the artist has said several times that she is willing to talk about her transition path and person who was prior to this choiceit seems he never wanted to reveal who he was before. It will – maybe – al GF?

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Elenoire Ferruzzi, are your very long nails real? The truth is creepy – Show only

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