Elenoire Ferruzzi confesses her interest in Luca Salatino at GFVip: “I don’t care that he’s engaged”

Big Brother Vip 2022/2023

Elenoire Ferruzzi confessed to being attracted to Luca Salatino: “I like it, a lot” she admitted to Antonella Fiordelisi, then with Sara Manfuso she imagines their marriage.

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Big Brother Vip 2022/2023

Luca Salatino competitor of the Big Brother VIP he has already broken into the hearts of some of his tenants: he has become the most contentious man in the house for now. After Alberto De Pisisalso Elenoire Ferruzzi he admitted that he felt a strong interest in the Roman, a former tronista of Men and Women. Some Twitter users have taken from the live on Mediaset Play some moments of the day in which the gieffina confesses her feelings: “I don’t care that he’s engaged”, then imagine their wedding out loud.

The confessions of Elenoire Ferruzzi

Already yesterday on Twitter the passionate users of GF Vip started talking about the “Saltuzzi”, as they nicknamed them: Elenoire Ferruzzi and Luca Salatino they have often shown themselves to be close, accomplices, and on some occasions they have indulged in their private confessions. A beautiful friendship that for the gieffina, however, may have already turned into love. In a video shared by a user, Ferruzzi is seen confronting Alberto De Pisis who pointed out that the former tronista is very much in love with her girlfriend, Soraia Allam Ceruti: “He is very in love, he is also very protective“. Elenoire’s response was immediate: “I can’t care less, he’s not in love at all.”

More videos have popped up in the last few hours. First the direct confession to Antonella Fiordelisi – “Even if he’s engaged, but I don’t give a shit. I like him a lot” – Then that a Sara Manfuso. She revealed to her that she was concerned about his feelings about her: “In everything you do not fool me, but in this … I have managed all my life, work things, but this is a minefield“.

The time ahead is there, you can’t deny what you feel, it’s there and you can’t do anything about it. I think it’s something that can develop in a tortuous path, he doesn’t get to this thing right away, if he got there.to “the advice of his tenant.

Elenoire Ferruzzi imagines her marriage to Luca Salatino

At the table with Alberto, Antonella and Sara, the gieffina continued to talk about her interest in the Roman tenant. Manfuso breaks the ice and points out: “You can read it on your face”. With her hand on her face, Ferruzzi could no longer resist and confessed: “I can’t do it, you will be the best man“. Thus began the imaginary story of the marriage with Luca Salatino: “I already have the whole crazy castle in my head, Renaissance, with the hall. I already have the wedding dress on my head“. “A swimsuit with a train?” says Alberto who makes everyone smile, “Stupendous“the reply.

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Elenoire Ferruzzi confesses her interest in Luca Salatino at GFVip: “I don’t care that he’s engaged”

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