Eliminated Amici 21: challenges, ballot, semifinal and finalists / Serena at risk?

Friends 21 evening 2022, semifinal: challenges and ballot, does Serena risk more than Dario?

Saturday 7 May, during the penultimate episode of Friends 21, the names of the finalists will be revealed. Besides Sissi, Michele and Luigi, who will snatch the ticket for the highly coveted final? They will contend for everything Alex, Serena, Dario and Albe. On social media polls and opinions have started and, if among the singers, the one in pole to conquer the final is Alex, among the ballerina, the choice seems more difficult. Serena, since she entered the school, has grown a lot, managing to measure herself even with different styles. Dario, on the other hand, has shown that he is a talent and can grow even more.

On social media, having to choose between Serena and Dario, there are those who believe it is more right to give Dario a chance also to have a more equal challenge in the final with Michele. On the other hand, however, there are those who consider it fairer to give Serena the opportunity to play everything in the final. Who, then, will be among the finalists? (Updated by Stella Dibenedetto).

Amici 21 evening 2022, semifinal: challenges and ballot, Albe and Dario at risk for bookmakers

When there are a few hours left until the semi-final of Amici 21, scheduled for May 7, 2022 on Canale 5, is broadcast, Albe and Dario are indicated as the possible eliminated one step away from the show’s final. Who indicates them as such? The bookmakers Sisal, Snai, Planetwin with an average of betting odds on the name of the winner of Amici 21 show that the competitors at risk of elimination in the semifinal of the talent are Dario Schirone and Albe (Alberto La Malfa), respectively penultimate and last in the ranking of talents running for the final prize pool. Reason why the singer Albe and the dancer Dario could confirm themselves as the eliminated from the semifinal and therefore not finalists of Amici 21. (Update by Serena Granato).

Amici 21 evening 2022, semifinal: challenges and ballot, Sissi, Michele and Luigi are the top 3 finalists

Here we are, it is just a little while before the broadcast of the semi-final of Amici 21scheduled for May 7, 2022 on Canale 5 and of which the relative TV previews provided by Amici news announce that on the occasion of the television event – among the competitors in the running for the final prize money – will be decreed the 5 finalists of the talent of which 3 through the heats and two through the final ballot between the remaining four competitors in the race.

The semi-final of Amici 2022 consists of 3 challenge heats, at the end of each of which a winner is declared and therefore a finalist. The first singing heat starts with Sissi (Silvia Cesana):

  • Sissi vs Luigi, Sissi wins;
  • Sissi vs Luigi, Luigi wins;
  • Alex vs Albe, Alex wins;
  • Alex vs Sissi, Sissi wins.

Vince Sissi, who becomes the first finalist e the second dance heat of Amici 2022 starts with Michele Esposito:

  • Michele vs Dario, Michele wins;
  • Michele vs Serena, Serena wins;
  • Michele vs Dario gauntlet, Michele wins.

Vince Michele, who becomes the second finalist of Amici 2022 and in the third round of singing the singers are back and this time Luigi started:

  • Luigi vs Alex, Alex wins;
  • Luigi vs Alex, Luigi wins;
  • Luigi vs Albe gauntlet, Albe wins;
  • Luigi vs Albe, Luigi wins.

The reactions to the 3 finalists and the final ballot for the 2 finalists of Amici 21: the predictions

Vince Luigi, who becomes the third finalist. To finish at final ballot for the decree of the last 2 finalists and the two final eliminations of Amici 21, therefore, I am the pop singer-songwriter Alex (Alessandro Rina), the pop singer-songwriter Albe (Alberto La Malfa), the modern dancer girlfriend Serena Carella and the modern dancer Dario Schirone. In the meantime, the controversy is rising on the web that sees Internet users contesting the failure to decree Alex among the first 3 finalists of Amici 21, together with the contestation messages that shout the announced flop of ratings for the semifinal and the final of the talent-for the elimination of the supporting columns in song and dance, the singer-songwriter originally from Naples, LDAand the Latinist originally from Adrano, Nunzio Stancampiano.

In the wake of the betting odds indicated on Snai, Sisal and Planetwin – about the candidate winner of Amici 2022 – it is possible to outline some predictions on the possible third and fourth finalists and the two eliminated in the final ballot of the semifinal. On the betting sites Alex (singing category) is indicated as the second favorite competitor and Serena (dance category) as fifth favorite, to the victory of the talent, in proportion with the other 3 finalists Sissi, Michele and Luigi, so they could confirm themselves among the 5 finalists of the ninth evening of Amici 21, to the detriment of the possible eliminable Dario and Albe. Clearly, only the broadcasting of the Amici 21 semifinal will be able to confirm or disavow the TV previews and the predictions of Il sussidiario.net. Marco Mengoni is the official guest of the eighth evening, and the appointment is set for May 7, 2022.


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Eliminated Amici 21: challenges, ballot, semifinal and finalists / Serena at risk?

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