Amici 21, seventh evening: Nunzio is out, Luigi is a candidate for victory

How did the seventh go Friends evening 21 went on stage last night 30 April 2022? Nuncio was the last eliminated from the talent show of Maria De Filippi. An exit followed by the young dancer ‘s awareness of not having given the best of himself. Instead, there is a great talent that continues to amaze, evening after evening, and is represented by the very young singer Luigi. Guitar, bass but also drums. The boy, multi-instrumentalist, conquers not only for his innate musical skill but also for his recognizable voice that makes him unique but above all he is a candidate for the final victory by now imminent.

Last night among his performances Luigi dabbled with “Splendido Splendente” but not on the guitar, as usual, but on the drums. The result could only be excellent, as also recognized by Stefano De Martino on the jury. The drum solo was the icing on the cake. Much better than the performance of Io vagabondo which had instead seen the young singer a bit subdued in the verse. (Agg. By Emanuela Longo)

Friends 21, seventh evening: Out Nunzio, Sissi and Alex creepy!

The seventh evening of Amici 21 recorded the elimination of Nunzio Stancampianobut the report cards of “IlSussidiario.net” also focus on another great moment of entertainment and art that was experienced during the episode broadcast on the evening of April 30 on Canale 5. The reference, in particular, is the amazing duet to which they gave life Sissi and Alex, both pupils of the team led by Raimondo Todaro and Lorella Cuccarini. The young people performed the song “Dusk till dawn” (translation from English: “From dusk till dawn”), originally sung by Zayn and Sia.

Their voices intertwined beautifully, tracing arabesques on the musical scales and enchanting the spectators and listeners. It is not the first time that Sissi and Alex confirm that they are perfectly compatible at the vocal level, but this performance has sanctioned even more, if possible, their extraordinary understanding in terms of singing. The hope is that even after Amici they will continue to work together and create breathtaking duets like the one they starred in last night (grade: 10 and praise). (update by Alessandro Nidi)

Amici 21, seventh evening: Nunzio out, “Celentano very bad with me”

The seventh evening of Amici ended with the elimination of Nunzio Stancampiano who immediately after his elimination told the microphones of Witty Tv his path and his feelings within the school of Amici: “A Nuncio too sure to if and bold, today I go out as a more mature Nuncio from all points of view “and also his relationship with Professor Celentano, who during the whole stay of the dancer in the school was very hard:” Celentano was very mean to me, but it was the one that taught me the most. If I found her strength, it was because I didn’t want to give it to her. She put me in competition with myself ”. At the end of his career within the Amici school, the dancer demonstrated to everyone his qualities in dance and also his ability to grow professionally and humanly within the television program thanks to the relationship with all his fellow students. adventure. (Vote 8). (Adriana Lavecchia update)

Amici 21, seventh evening: the Cele-Zerbi triumph, the report cards

The seventh evening from Friends 21aired on 30 April 2022 on Canale 5, decrees the ballot with certain elimination between Sunrises (Alberto La Malfa) and Nunzio Stancampiano, and it is the latter who has to leave the school of Canale 5, for the judgment of the 3 judges assigned to the voting, Stash Fiordispino, Stefano De Martino and Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia. To open the challenge of Amici 2022 to 3 heats of the 3 teams is the team headed by Rudy Zerbi and Alessandra Celentano who challenges the team headed by Lorella Cuccarini and Raimondo Todaro. The first challenge of the first heat ranks Luigi Strangis with Give me a hammer (vote: 7 and a half, good stage presence) vs Nunzio Stancampiano Ricky Martin for a night to the tune of She bangs! (vote: 9 and a half, entertainment is guaranteed). At the evening of Amici 2022 The second challenge then deploys Michele Esposito in a choreo on the notes of Fiori di Rosa, Fiori di Pesco (he is the combination of elegance and technique, grade 9) vs Sissi and Alex in a duo on Dusk Till Dawn ( good merger of the voices, 7 and a half vote). The third challenge is Luigi with Splendido splendente (vote 8, iconic cover) vs Nunzio with a Flamenco Mix (he is in focus, vote 9). The first heat Amici 21 ends with the victory of Cele-Zerbi and in the first ballot the eliminable of Cucca-Todo Serena end with Dove si balla (dynamic performance, grade 8), Nunzio with On the floor by Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull (iconic performance, grade 9) and Alex with Sogni al cielo (in focus with the unpublished, 8 and a half vote). To be confirmed for the ballot with certain elimination is Nunzio.

The second round of Amici 21 it is disputed between the Cele-Zerbi and the team headed by Anna Pettinelli and Veronica Peparini. The first challenge is a dance glove wanted by Alessandra Celentano – who ranks Michele Esposito (grade 8, technique and versatility) against Dario Schirone (grade 8, intention and stylistic predisposition) on the notes of Poetics by Cesare Cremonini. The second challenge is Luigi with Pazza idea by Patty Pravo (the cover is emotional and introspective, vote 9) against Albe and the cover of It takes a beastly physique (dynamic and personal cover, vote 8). The third test of Amici 2022 is a gauntlet wanted by Anna Pettinelli who calls Luigi (grade 8, cool is the pop-rock arrangement) and Albe (the bars are in step with the language of generation Z, grade 8) to challenge each other on the notes of the wandering of the Nomads. The second heat ends with the victory of the Cele-Zerbi and the losing team goes to the provisional ballot Albe. Then, it is the turn of the prof glove, Cele-Zerbi vs. Cucca-Todo.

Nunzio and Albe, it is a fight to the death in the ballot of the evening of Amici 2022

The third and last heat of Amici 2022 sees the Cele-Zerbi clash with the team headed by Lorella Cuccarini and Raimondo Todaro. The first test is a glove on the groove in a Stevie Wonder medley between Luigi Strangis (grade 8, the magical rocking light of the groove) and Alex (he is more focused than his opponent despite being born for ballads, grade 9). The second challenge deploys Serena and Alex in Lay Me Down (the final embrace triggers Cosmary’s reaction, intimacy is tangible, grade 8) against Luigi in a cover of Master Blaster (flawless, grade 9). At the evening of Amici 21 The third challenge ranks Sissi who sings Where do I begin (vocally good performance, but can improve in interpretation, vote 7 and a half) against Michele dancing Dangerous by Michael Jackson (vote 7 and a half, we appreciate the versatility, but the King of pop is the dance of another Planet). The fourth challenge deploys Sissi with the song for peace Imagine (vote 7 and a half, good assignment, but the interpretation is hardly felt) against Michele who dances Miserere (vote 8, technique and elegance are the masters). The third heat is won by the Cucca-Todo and sends Luigi to the provisional ballot.

The provisional ballot of Amici 2022, rather contested on the web with respect to the votes established by the jury, therefore sees Nunzio at risk, performing Killing me softly, Crazy in love, Scott and Fran’s Paso Doble, Albe performing Prima di te, Giravolte and Millevoci and Luigi sings Muro, Tienimi tonotte, and the latter is saved by the jury and does not support the third performance. To be eliminated is Nunzio and Albe continues his race. Luigi is also the winner of the TIM test and Nunzio is awarded the Marlù prize worth 7 thousand euros, as a consolation prize for the elimination of Amici 2022. Guest at the evening Ghali. In the meantime, the web is mobilized en masse to challenge the ballot that saw Nunzio, Albe and Luigi end up at risk: the protesters – among the users on social networks – accuse the 3 judges of the Amici 21 evening for risking to impoverish entertainment of talent by putting three valid talents in the ballot such as the Latinist, the rock singer-songwriter and the pop singer-songwriter.


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