Elizabeth II, at the funeral 16 km of queue and 30 hours of waiting

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Today the people pay homage to the sovereign who died on 8 September last. The body arrived last night in the capital of the United Kingdom

* A funeral procession in honor of Queen Elizabeth is scheduled for today in London. The sovereign died on 8 September last after 70 years of reign.
* The successor, the eldest son Charles, has already taken office and assumed the name of Charles III. Yesterday the new king fired his former staff members.
* All members of the royal family will gather in London. Also William and Harry, the children of Carlo and Lady Diana they find themselves close together in the funeral procession

17:12 – Four days of vigil: what will happen

Four soldiers in red and gold ceremonial uniforms took up positions at the four corners of Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin, with their heads bowed. Thus officially began the vigil that will be held for four days in Westminster Hall in London. Royal bodyguards and other royal military units, including the Household Cavalry, Grenadier Guards, and Coldstream Guards, will take turns guarding the coffin. Each 24-hour period will be divided into four guard shifts. The Queen’s coffin was placed on a raised platform at Westminster Hall after a solemn procession from Buckingham Palace.

17:00 – Truss, Starmer and Sturgeon the first visitors

The new Prime Minister LizTruss and the leader of the opposition, the leader of the Labor Party Keir Starmer were the first visitors admitted to Westminster Hall. They were joined by the first Scottish minister Nicola Sturgeon.

4:55 pm – Churchill’s precedent

Westminster Hall is the oldest part of the vestment building, having been built in 1097: a place that coincides with some great events in the history of England. It is here that homage is paid to the coffin of the members of the royal family; the last to have these honors was in 2002 the mother of Elizabeth. One exception: Westminster Hall housed the body of former Prime Minister Winston Churchill in 1965.

4:06 pm – The coffin arrived in Westminster

The procession has now reached the Houses of Parliament: Elizabeth’s body will be carried inside Westminster Hall awaiting opening to the public. Previously the Archbishop of Canterbury officer a short religious rite to which only members of the Royal family will be admitted.

3:59 pm – The imperial crown above the coffin

The queen’s coffin wrapped in the standard Royal flag and above, resting on a purple velvet cushion, the imperial crown was placed. The wreath includes white roses and dahlias, as well as leafy branches from Windsor and Balmoral parks.

3:43 pm – The blanks, the tolling of Big Ben

The silence that accompanies the journey of the coffin contrasts with the crowd that gathered along the path: the path punctuated by drum beats. The only noises, in addition to these, are the blanks of cannon guns that are fired at regular intervals by the guards of honor. Big Ben also chimes every 60 seconds to pay homage to the queen.

3.13 pm – The black list of unwelcome heads of state

Not only Putin: the heads of state of Afghanistan, Venezuela and Syria have also been included in the black list of those who will not be invited to Elizabeth’s funeral scheduled for Monday. They join the head of the Kremlin, who has already been excluded from the ceremony for days

3:27 pm – The coffin leaves Buckingham Palace

Queen Elizabeth’s coffin left Buckingham Palace at this time. Behind the hearse the entire royal family: they are all in full uniform except Andrea, third son of Elizabeth and Harry, second son of Charles, both excluded from royal duties. The arrival in Westminster is expected in less than an hour.

3:20 pm – Streets completely clogged: Go to Hyde Park

The streets along the path that will be crossed by the royal procession are already completely clogged. A note advises the public to head to the Hyde Park area where large screens have been installed to follow the ceremony live

15:04 – Via the tents and sleeping bags

Security stewards are asking people who have camped en route to Westminster Hall to remove and take down tents and sleeping bags.

15:00 – The ceremonial of the day

The ceremonial soon foresees the start of the funeral procession that will accompany the coffin of Elizabeth II from Buckingham Palace to Westminster, seat of the British Parliament. Starting at 5 pm (London time, 6 pm in Italy) the funeral parlor, for which the public has already queued since this morning, will be opened to citizens. Until Monday there will be time to pay homage to the deceased sovereign.

2.56 pm – It is forbidden to place flowers at the foot of the coffin

London police have released some useful information for citizens who have been waiting to enter Elizabeth’s funeral home. After warning that the wait will last for hours but that they will have little chance to remain seated, the police recommend that you bring food and drink; the latter will have to be consumed or thrown away before the security checkpoints. Visitors are not allowed to place flowers at the foot of the coffin.

2.45 pm – Carlo will open the funeral procession

It will be King Charles III, flanked by his sons, the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Sussex, who will lead the procession behind the coffin of the late British queen, tomorrow, in moving the coffin of Elizabeth II from Buckingham Palace to the Palace of Westminster. And the image of the three will recall the procession behind Diana’s coffin, with the two boys in the front line, flanked by their father and grandfather, Philip of Edinburgh. .

14:43 – The last flight followed by 5 million on the internet

Almost five million people followed on Flightradar24 the flight of the RAF of just over an hour with which the body of Elizabeth II was transported from Edinburgh to London: this was announced by the same flight tracking site. This is a new record, which pulverizes that of 2.2 million people who had recently followed the flight of the speaker of the US chamber, Nancy Pelosi, from the Philippines to Taiwan.

14:31 – 30-hour wait to enter the funeral home

You may need to queue up to 30 hours along the Thames to be able to enter Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral parlor in Parliament’s Westminster Hall, which opens this afternoon after the coffin is moved in procession from Buckingham Palace. the warning that the authorities give. And probably what will form will be one of the longest queues London has ever seen. Many lined up very early: the first Vanessa Nathakumaran, who queued at 11.30 local on Monday.

2.30 pm – 16 km queue to pay homage to the queen

The length of the queue of those who intend to pay homage to the body of Elizabeth II, which will be exhibited in Westminster Hall from this afternoon, is about 16 kilometers. In fact, the organizers have planned to close the access early to ensure that everyone who is already in line actually has a chance to reach Westminster.

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Elizabeth II, at the funeral 16 km of queue and 30 hours of waiting

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