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The latest on the much-talked-about couple who unite the world of sport with that of entertainment. The Roman singer and the well-known motorcyclist are still talked about for what they have decided.

On the one hand, one of songwriters most sensual and followed in Italy. On the other a biker of great talent who, however, in recent years has been talked about more for sentimental issues than for anything else.

Elodie with Andrea Iannone – Tennispress.it

Elodie Di Patrizi and Andrea Iannone are now a steady couple. There is no longer any doubt, after last summer’s rumors and stolen shots. The singer and the pilot met in Sardinia, during the August holidays, thanks to mutual friends.

Galeotta was the…Leotta! An ironic play on words which, however, explains how the national Diletta was one of the proponents of the meeting between Elodie and Iannone. From that moment on, passion sparked between the two well-known personalities. And the testimony has also come in these Christmas days.

Romantic getaway for Elodie and Andrea Iannone. So the singer prepares for a top 2023

The love between Elodie and Andrea Iannone it’s going great. As mentioned, the confirmation has also arrived in these days of winter holidays. In fact, the Roman singer has published a story on Instagram in which he testifies to his excellent feeling with the two-wheeled champion.

There is even talk of an amorous elopement, taking advantage of the holidays. Elodie posted an image of her shadow next to Iannone’s on a winter beach. A sort of ‘escapade’ from the chaos of big cities and their respective families to spend time together in serenity and romance, waiting for a challenging 2023.

shadows elodie-ianone
The shadows of Elodie and Iannone – Tennispress.it

The two should now be ready to move in together. Probably the singer Elodies moves from his hometown, Rome, directly to Lugano in Switzerland, where Andrea Iannone owns a splendid villa.

Furthermore, this move would facilitate the professional life of the singer from Bagno a Mezzanotte, since often for work reasons he has to go to Milan, a city where record labels and recording studios are the most popular. Another point in favor of his now fixed relationship with Iannone.

Elodie expected in Sanremo 2023: she will sing “Due”

It will be a year full of commitments, emotions and news for Elodie DiPatrici. The famous pop star, who graduated from the Amici di Maria De Filippi school, is immediately awaited by a great event: she will participate in the Sanremo Music Festival 2023as already made official by Amadeus.

The woman will present the song Two, which obviously will represent an unedited piece and cannot be listened to or advertised before the Rai Uno television event in February. Also after Sanremo Elodie will leave with a new tour which should keep her busy during the warmer months.

So they do well Elodie and Andrea Iannone to take advantage of these festive days to spend time together in peace and away from the paparazzi, given that since January their professional life risks taking up too much time.

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Elodie and Andrea Iannone, the escape worries the fans | It happened at Christmas – Tennispress.it

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