Elodie, J-Ax and Giorgia? Here is the army of complaints: how the left is reduced

The same thing had happened in America. THE Rolling Stone, Neil Young, Adelethe Aerosmith and also i Rem they had been wary Donald Trump from using their songs in electoral appointments. Really Umberto Tozzi he had to distance himself from the former president of the United States, who had started dancing in a video with his family “Glory“, in Laura Branigan’s version. Now it happens to Matteo Salvini. During one of his meetings, the DJ put “Bye Bye“de The List Representative. Because, let’s face it, it’s a good song and the Captain likes it a lot. But they – Veronica Lucchesi And Dario Mangiaracina – they got angry. And, via Twitter, they “cursed” the leader of the League, calling him “vulgar hit abuser.” But there is a background. When the group performed in Sanremo, Veronica pulled up her fist during the performance of the song. «Communist salute! Horror! », The League presented a question to the Rai Supervisory Commission. In short, old rust. Having said that, will it be the first indication of the “singers party” descent into the field? Actually it’s not the first, there have been others. Salvini enjoys the admiration of Poviabut the rest of the star system does not love him.

The artist ontologically is nonconformist. At least it should be. In Italy, the singer-boomers, who knows how it is, power is held good, embodied by the Democratic Party, which is the party-apparatus. And in the diary everyone has memorized the number of FranceschiniMinister of Culture ad aeternum. For the new artistic generation, however, there is a different matter to make. The singers are (all or almost all) also influencers. In some cases the income deriving from social networks exceeds that paid by Siae for songs. Taking up this or that cause is not an ideological fact, but an opportunity for monetization. When a topic starts – that is a hot topic – the singer-influencer throws himself into it. Example: when #ddlzan went in trend, everyone wrote it on their hand and posted the photo. For the rest, Generation Z doesn’t care about politics, so the big influencers (singers and non-singers) will take divisive positions: they would bore fans by losing followers. Targeting Salvini on social media is still an Olympic discipline, and J-Ax is black belt. Never been tender in the past, he hung up the record: “I have always thought that Salvini is a politician in the most derogatory sense”, sentences delivered to the Courier, in the same interview in which he called for the liberalization of cannabis and the prohibition of alcohol. I don’t know.

In the singers-boomers category they must be included Vasco Rossi (“There is a very extremist right that sows hatred for votes”), Fiorella Mannoiawho retweeted a meme (Salvini in Divino Othelma version) e Paola Turci. Gone from her radar for twenty years, he talks about her not for the music, but for her lesbian marriage with Francesca Pascale. If the right wins, Berlusconi’s former partner has already announced plans to leave the country. Turci, on the other hand, denounces being a victim of keyboard haters. Who, he swears, “are all voters of Salvini and Meloni.” Then, there is Ghali. In the past, in the stands at San Siro, he had yelled at the Captain looking for the content to be uploaded on social networks: done. Now he bought a boat and gave it to the NGO Mediterranea Saving Humans, which deals with rescuing migrants at sea. The Meloni, we said. She got the annoyance of Elodie (“To me it frankly scares me”) and a coattata of Giorgia (singer). “My name is also that”, she wrote on Instagram, “but I don’t break my balls to anyone.” Once the target was Berlusconi, now cited in trapper songs as a model of richness. It seems that the former prime minister has become pure half a friend of Fedezsince Federico Lucia dumped Buccinasco and started going to the Milan that counts.

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Elodie, J-Ax and Giorgia? Here is the army of complaints: how the left is reduced

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