Eros Ramazzotti, new album presented in Seville. “Laura was right not to sing” Bella Ciao “”

from Andrea Laffranchi, sent to Seville

The singer-songwriter live with the songs of «Battito infinito» in the first of 10 previews of the tour

«My name is Eros, I come from Cinecittà, I am not 20 years old but I like music very much and I think I will die on stage because this is my life». Autobiography of Eros Ramazzotti in less than 150 characterswhich he himself declaimed in Spanish from the Plaza de toros in Seville where Thursday evening in front of 6 thousand people there was the first of 10 previews of the tour of “Infinite Beat”, a new album released today and which will travel the world from the end of October with 70 other dates.

The first part of the concert gives ample space to new songs. The debut is Battito infinito, a piano ballad with a non-immediate structure, a long 8-minute suite, which features the daughter Aurora among the authors. She is the recited in English inserted in the track. «My father invited me to the studio for choirs and to recite a poetic text in Italian – she says -. He didn’t like the result and he made me translate it into English: I changed a lot of things and now he has a cinematic that is well suited to music. I signed up for the Siae for the occasion. I am not a composer, more than anything else I mess around with lyrics and music, but I have many songs away and the music remains a dream in the drawer … But we know what country we live in. I am already facing a confrontation (the one with the mother Michelle Hunziker ed) and I am not ready for the other ». For the motherhood that someone says would be on the way? “No comment”.

The news in Italian, while the hits of the past, the former are “Where there is music” and “An emotion forever”, most often performed in the Spanish version or by mixing languages. After all, he is a symbol of Italy in the world: «People expect from me someone who sings the Italian spirit. I am proud to be Italian, of that beautiful Italy, however, which is so much and must be sought. Traveling the world it is not that we speak very well of our country, but in the end we manage to make ends meet ”, he says at the end of the show in the place where they celebrate him. With Laura Pausini he marked the golden era of our music export. Would he do that “Bella ciao” that you did not want to sing on Spanish TV because it was too politically connoted? “It’s too political (laughs). No, she isn’t, but Laura did well. It is such a moment and we must not speak of either the right, the left, or the center. We make music and we don’t do politics ».

The scenography focuses on mega screens that move the stage and make it more dynamic. For «Solo», the single on the radio now, there is the big face of the Spanish star Alejandro Sanz. On the other hand, there will be no «Sons of the earth», with an ecological background, signed by Colapesce and Dimartino and featuring his friend Jovanotti. The band is fed, nine elements. Ramazzotti often lets himself go to guitar solos, a vintage attitude that has been lost in contemporary pop, forced to quickly burn off verses and choruses and cut everything else. «What is missing today is hearing an instrument play. I’m not 20 anymore, but I still like to listen and I want to feel the blood coming out of my hands ». Eros often goes down from the stage, goes to seek physical contact with the audience.

It goes back to the new songs. The 70s dance to the funk taste of «Return to dance» and the mariachi wind instruments of «Madonna de Guadalupe» bring color and joy. Magia is dedicated to his son Gabrio Tullio: «It’s a piece of hope». At one point he takes his cell phone to call “friend Marcel” and invites him on stage with his wife. I’m here to celebrate 25 years of marriage: here are two chairs, a band tightened around the couple and here is a serenade in a semi-acoustic version to the tune of “Solo con te”. Every time I breathe it has a text by Mariella Nava and the music is an unpublished piece by Morricone: «A gift to be able to interpret one of the few pop songs of the great maestro». The train of successes starts again. «An important story», «Now you» and «Promised land» (still to be balanced) raise the intensity up to the final roar of «Most beautiful thing».

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Eros Ramazzotti, new album presented in Seville. “Laura was right not to sing” Bella Ciao “”

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