Eros Ramazzotti turns 59: “I’ll be a grandfather soon, but I won’t spoil my grandson: I have the instinct to educate”

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The singer on the eve of the world tour confesses between family, Totti and politics

Technical tank top and an energetic meditation bell. Eros Ramazzotti, connected from Cancun, is thus preparing for the world tour of «Infinite beat»: 49 dates in North and South America and Europe and 10 sports halls in Italy.

Departure on the 30th from Los Angeles …

«Los Angeles was the last date of the previous tour: canceled due to pandemic. I was in Mexico where I then stayed for two months. Back in Italy, I lived in the countryside in Franciacorta with my children: a lucky condition, but the patema was there. I’ve written a lot and there are new songs coming up ».

Ready to go further «Infinite beat», newly released album?

«Today a record is of marginal importance. The fan base wants new songs. I keep making records because I like it even if in the digital world it seems useless. These songs could also come out on their own, unrelated to an album ».

How do you prepare for such a tour?

«Physically and with proper nutrition, otherwise on the third date you end up ko. I train playing padel, but above all I practice kyokushinkai, a form of karate invented by sensei Masutatsu Oyama, one so strong that he can fight with his bare hands with bulls … It is a contact discipline that I use to download and that I recommend to everyone for self defense, even to women. Alex, on my staff is in charge of security, is my shoulder; my teacher is senpai Luigi Passamonte ».

In Seville, before the ten premieres of the tour, he had appeared many times in the audience. Are you looking for the contact?

«I like the idea of ​​hugging people again, things are finally changing and we can go back to doing it. I missed the contact, even if you have to be careful with the long nails: they open you in two (laughs) ».

Today he turns 59.

«Age is a thought that comes, but I feel Peter Pan, young inside. If body and head hold up, the important thing is to keep giving your best. We must leave perfume in life, a trail of positivity ».

Soon he will be a grandfather …

My daughter Aurora is a grown up and headed woman. The love I see between her and her partner Goffredo Cerza is an example ».

First gift to the grandson?

«A trip to the studio where there are all the instruments and we’ll see which one you prefer. More generally, I think that the fewer gifts you give, the more there is a drive to improve. I have the instinct to educate, I will not be only the grandfather who spoils ».

Eros’ first concert abroad?

“I think it was Zurich, in any case Switzerland, in 1985. I arrive at the place, I rehearse, in the evening I go up on stage, the curtain opens and there are people eating in the stalls, sitting at the table … I stayed there … I said to my promoter that I never wanted to find myself in such situations again and that I wanted to perform where the greats played even if I wasn’t worth a booger of those. In the end I did it ».

In the single «Sono» with Alejandro Sanz he sings «A life that rises and falls». Its now?

“Now it goes up, but the song is more about what happens in the world than about me. We went through some dramatic moments, morale was going down for everyone. Now I hope that things will go well again ».

Also in that text he speaks of “a beautiful song”. What is it for her?

“I’ve been listening to music since I was born. Lately with my senpai I also discovered heavy metal. When I hear certain songs by Battisti, Dalla, De Gregori, Michael Jackson, George Michael … I say “I would have liked to write that one”. Battisti more than others gives me those emotions that make me go back to the beach in Torvaianica with the cassette player. I choose “Emotions” ».

Let’s continue with that text … “a memory that comes to mind”?

My mom, it’s been 20 years since she left. I hear her again and see her often, a woman of one piece. She has never supported me in this musical adventure but it was also right. It balanced the madness of dad who, when he heard me play blues in the bedroom, he already said he told me “you will become the most famous Italian singer in the world”. Sometimes I still say to him “Rodolfo, you were right” ».

Idols, Romans, separated …A tip to Totti


«I wished him well. He has separated everyone in the world. The strength is not to react, but it is bad, especially for the children who then have to hear the comments of their friends, to be treated like specks in the gossip newspapers ».

How do you see the situation in Italy after 25 September?

«Apart from the right, left and center discourses – I am not interested in the colors of the flags – I hope Giorgia Meloni does well. If you are as serious as you seem and the people you have called to the government are as serious, things can go well. I keep my fingers crossed and I hope Salvini does the job he was called to do well. Meloni seems to me to be badass but she must not put in the middle that past which is not a good past. Look at the present and improve Italy ».

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Eros Ramazzotti turns 59: “I’ll be a grandfather soon, but I won’t spoil my grandson: I have the instinct to educate”

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