Fake vaccines, Madame removes the post on no vax parents: the explanation of the singer under investigation

The singer Madame, under investigation for the investigation into vaccines and fake Green Passes, has removed the post in which she admitted she had not been vaccinated

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Singer Madameborn Francesca Calearo, 20, who ended up at the center of controversy for the investigation involving her on the alleged fake certificates for the Green Pass and failure Covid vaccinationhe deleted the post on Instagram in which he explained his parents’ no vax positions and the reasons behind his non-adherence to the anti-Covid vaccination campaign.

Why Madame removed the post from Instagram: what she said

“I remove the last post to give space to new project and letting the investigation take its course,” he wrote in a story posted on the social network.

“I could not give the details related to the case precisely because I’m under investigation, and that is where it should be discussed. We’ll talk about it again in case the process is finished, now adding more is superfluous, have to wait for the results“, has explained.

“I’m sorry for everything that’s going on. Let’s see how it goes, for now full speed ahead that there is so much to live. All ‘the good in the bad‘. A hug,” concluded the rapper.

What was written in Madame’s post about no vax parents and vaccines

In the previously published and now removed post, Madame had told of growing up in a family belonging to the galaxy no vax who “began to doubt doctors and the measures of traditional medicine”.

“Not only did I not get the Covid vaccine promptly, but I have no other vaccines“, he had told his many Instagram followers.

Fake vaccines, Madame removes the post of no vax parents: the singer's explanation under investigationPhoto source: ANSA

The singer Madame during the end-of-year concert at the Circus Maximus.

The long explanation as to why he didn’t have a Green Pass ended with the reassurance of finally having undergone the anti Covid vaccination after the end of the health emergency. And the promise to also undergo all the call back expected.

In short, in the post, the singer admitted between the lines that she had not been vaccinated when the Green Passes it was necessary to move around and visit public places.

Because Madame is under investigation for the investigation into fake vaccines and Green Passes

The investigation by the Vicenza prosecutor’s office, which has already led to the arrest of three people, sees in the register of suspects, in addition to Madame, also the tennis player Camilla Giorgi30 years.

For the two celebrities the crime of false ideologicalfor allegedly obtaining the Green Pass illegally and without any anti-Covid vaccination.

In addition to them, other people are being investigated for the crime of corruptionfor having paid in exchange for the bogus vaccination certificate.

The investigation started last year when Ulss 8 reported a suspicious amount of vaccinations in the offices of a doctor from Vicenza and a colleague from Fara.


Photo source: ANSA

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Fake vaccines, Madame removes the post on no vax parents: the explanation of the singer under investigation

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