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Telling oneself like never before. Read your life with serene eyes, which allow you to see not only the inevitable mistakes made, but also the intense joys and heartbreaking pains experienced. And talk about a drama that marked his life. Forever.

An upcoming autobiography and an interview with a journalism master. A career born thirty-five years ago and which has not changed him, making him always shy and reserved. One who continues to live “with the handbrake on“But which has allowed him, over time, to create”a richer inner world“.

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It reads in one go, like a compelling thriller of Andrea Camilleri or George Simenon. The interview released by Luciano Ligabue to Aldo Cazzullo for the Corriere della Sera, it contains unpublished glimpses of biographical notes that anticipate the release of the songwriter’s autobiography, simply entitled: A storywhich will be in all libraries starting with May 3published by Mondadori.

Many stories and the most painful one, the one that is told almost in a whisper because it remembers the most difficult moments of one’s existence. The drama of his stillborn son, with all the aftermath that such a tragedy leaves in your mind and heart.

Luciano Ligabue, his story and the unspeakable drama

In front of an interview master like Aldo Cazzullo even the shy and reserved rocker from Correggio opened up and confessed. He talked about him when he nearly died twice when he was still a child. The first, at the age of one and a half, due to peritonitis and the second, when he was five, due to a wrong tonsil operation.

Thus comes the first concert he attended. She was 12 and the artist performing on stage was “ugly, very hairy“, his name? Lucio Dalla. A concert by Franco Battiato made him decide to become a singer and since then he has made eight hundred live concerts. And then there is Pierangelo Bertoli, the one who discovered it. Browsing through the memories in sight, we arrive at the most painful moment, an indelible memory linked to an event that no one would like to experience.

From the love affair with his wife, Barbara Pozzomarried in 2013, Luciano Ligabue had a daughter, Linda And Leonher little stillborn son: “They showed it to us. I found it in my hand, a little thing weighing a kilo. He had the features of his mother. Barbara’s baby voice said: it’s perfect“. His little body was buried in a cemetery that has a corner called angels. With that indelible pain his life continued …

All in Campovolo on June 4th

The Covid – 19 pandemic has stopped everything, but after three years Luciano Ligabue he is ready again to go back to where shyness, confidentiality leave room for safety and boldness, on stage. The June 4th many await him, there are already over one hundred thousand, al Campovolothe legendary test track near the Officine Reggiane.

Telling oneself like never before. Go and reread and review facts and people of your existence, with the serenity that the years can give. Luciano Ligabue and his “life as a midfielder”, a life of someone who, despite his success, continues to run, sweat, play … on a stage.

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Famous Italian singer: stillborn son | The revealed drama – Altranotizia.it

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