Farewell to Lino Capolicchio, he acted for Pupi Avati and Vittorio De Sica (and even went to the Oscar)

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Protagonist of militant cinema in the 70s, he starred among others with De Sica, Risi and Pupi Avati

With the death, at the age of 78, of Lino Capolicchiowho died in Rome on the evening of May 2 for a long illness that the family wanted to keep confidential, an actor who has always remained young and in which he recognizes himself goes away much of the best Italian cinema of the 70savoiding any easy classification: he was not a sex symbol, nor a proletarian, nor a bourgeois, nor a radical chic, but all these things together, heir to both Salvatori and Ferzetti, passing in fact from the Valentino Prize for Love and gymnastics to the prize De Sica in 2012.

So, ready to play tennis, desperately elegant in the fascist era, it is remembered perfectly in the role of Giorgio, friend of the Finzi Contini family in the award-winning (also with Oscar for best foreign film) film by De Sica, based on the most famous Ferrara story by Giorgio Bassani who was, at the Academy, one of the first teachers of the actor who, born in Merano on 21 August 43 and raised in Turin, he soon moved to Rome. Where he studies and applies himself to complete his self-declared instinct as an actor with a natural but braking desire to perform: he attended the Academy, came into contact with the ruling class of directors of the time, from Patroni Griffi to Avatiwith which to make five variously diabolical films, a Franco Zeffirelli who gives him an appearance of honor in the Taming of the Shrew face to face with Burton. But even before the cinema, Capolicchio went to university in the theater with Strehler, in Goldoni’s Baruffe and in Scespirian’s Game of the Powerful, and then two Millers, with Raf Vallone in the Look from the Bridge and The American Clock directed by Petri.

Showman at 360 degrees, active on tv in prose and scripted as The Count of Monte Cristoalso Puccini’s opera director, appreciated teacher at the Experimental Center where he raised a generation of actors, from Ferilli to Forte a Boni, and had no less than Coppola as a spectator.

These and other adventures, both human and professionalon and off the set and the dressing rooms, he tells them in his own autobiography You don’t die of loveparaphrasing one of his films based on a best-selling comedy by Patroni Griffi, in a happy moment for the show in Italy in which Capolicchio became, with calculated shades of ambiguity, an actor of brazen youth, master of different environments and geographies, with bourgeois snobbery Roman of Think about a night at dinner by Patroni Griffi (scripted by Dario Argento, punctuated by Morricone’s refrain, great cast) to the Milanese hitchhiker who ends up in spyder in Normal young man di Risi based on the book by Umberto Simonetta. Capolicchio requested, he works with everyone, from the rebellious Faenza to the historic Lizzani to De Santis, off cinema and traditional cinema, at ease in various historical periods, but certainly Pupi Avati, who has always loved having his own stable company of actors, discovers its gothic side, mysterious and hidden, starting off big with The house with laughing windows a collaboration that arrives at “Il Signor Diavolo”, passing through an eighteenth century in which Lino was Mozart’s father and two TV series Jazz band and Cinema !.

A long series of titles, a tour of Italy of various human types and directorial models, the ability to closely observe the past, and also experiences abroad. On the small screen she works with the best like Sandro Bolchi and Fenoglio, facing, then it could be done!, the best contemporary theater, from Pinter to Wesker, without denying the popular national touch of Verdi from Castellani and Casa Ricordi from Bolognini. And his connection remains with the American mel of Tennessee Williams who sees him as an object of desire first in the Glass Zoo and then in the theater with Falk in The Sweet Wing of Youth. Capolicchio is lucky enough not to identify with a typology and to work with the masters of opposing tendenciesalso the innovative television Ronconi in Schnitzler’s Commedia della seduzione: an actor caught in a show system that, beyond the awards and his popularity, also responded to his curiosities as a director, teacher and screenwriter, an actor remained for the ever-young audience.

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Farewell to Lino Capolicchio, he acted for Pupi Avati and Vittorio De Sica (and even went to the Oscar)

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