Federico Fashion Style in tears for his daughter: “You have no idea what my ex is doing to me”

The finished love with Letizia Porcu
When his long social outburst begins, Federico Fashion Style (born Federico Lauri) is angry but controlled. “I want to say something very important… between me and her it was a long time since there was more love”. He begins by referring to the story with Letizia Porcu. He explains that they ended by mutual agreement as a couple, but continued to live together for the love of Sophie Maelle. “She was aware that our story was over. We lived under the same roof and we both knew that there was nothing left between me and her.” And then she starts crying as she remembers: “This happened 3 years ago when I went to her with my heart in my hand. It hurts, believe me… I told her: ‘Look I’ll love you forever… you’re a special person, I can’t give you what you want, a united family”. Work takes him out a lot, and he wanted his daughter’s mom to take back his life.

Together for the sake of the daughter
“We were always connected anyway, we continued to feel, I never left my house definitively, like she never left definitively. Guys, love was rightly over, it was gone. There was only one big well” continues Federico Fashion Style in his painful story. And he adds: “But guys, then later you realize that the people close to you aren’t the people you thought you had…”

Federico Lauri bursts into tears
After circling around, Federico Fashion Style can’t hold back anymore and gets to the heart of the matter by bursting into tears. “I’m not like that because of my story and that of Letizia which is over. I no longer believe in love, love doesn’t exist… I feel bad because I would challenge anyone not to feel bad in my same situation… I I always work, every day and I have to wait for 9 in the evening to be able to hear from my daughter who you know very well is the thing I love most in my life, because her mother, Signora Letizia, decided without any rule dictated by anyone , that my daughter and I can hear it at 7:30 in the morning and at 9 in the evening”, he tells his followers and then: “Sorry if I have this outburst, I’m sick, my hands are shaking”.

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No parallel life
Federico Fashion Style is also keen to point out that he has never had any parallel life. He and Letizia Porcu had agreed on continuing to live in the same house but without actually being a couple. He asks for respect for his pain, and then continues: “If I weren’t away for work, my daughter would always be with me. Because my daughter, I swear, is the thing I hold most dear in the world and even the mother knows this.” mother. He puts on fake glue and says to me: ‘Dad, I would like you to stay attached to me forever'”.

Federico Fashion Style desperate
“You have no idea what I’m going through because of Mrs. Letizia” continues Federico Fashion Style. “I say this: if there is a God, then there will be justice, because I only want my daughter’s love and no one can afford to tell me that I have to call her at 7:30 and 9 in the evening. I apologize for having this outburst… I would dare anyone in my situation to smile…”.

Closes forever with Letizia
The hours go by but the anger of Federico Fashion Style does not subside. In the middle of a sleepless night, he thanks his followers for their support and then addresses Letizia Porcu directly: “Dear mother of my daughter, apart from Sophie, nothing binds us to us, we are not married. If until yesterday I would have loved you because for me you have been a companion for half a life, not even that anymore today. When your daughter grows up, she will understand… I salute you, Letizia, have a good life”.

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Federico Fashion Style in tears for his daughter: “You have no idea what my ex is doing to me”

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