Fedez after the tumor: “My relationship with money has changed, that’s what I would have done first”

THE money does not make happiness. This the proverb which has always done discuss the two factions at stake: who really has the money and who would like to have it. But, as often happens, behind the popular sayings there is always a grain of truth. And it seems that Fedez really have it understood and tried on the own skin. After the illness, in fact, the rapper is experiencing a new phase of his life. Where i money recite a secondary role.

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The dark period during which he faced the pancreatic cancer has revolutionized And remarked her priority: the familythe peoplethe time. And the money it is gone in the background. Although she has not yet decided to talk about herself and to allow herself to be interviewed, hers recovery after illness he told it in his way and on its own means of communication. His social profiles they talked about the difficult moments in the hospital and the first days at home and, little by little, Fedez regained his life, his routine, savoring normality again. But it’s on his podcast “Wild Moss»That Fedez has surprised everyone.


During the87th and last episode of his podcast «Wild Moss», Fedez has addressed the topic relating to ambitions and goals of life. Together with colleague Lazza and to the friend Luis SalFedez admitted to have changed totally his relationship with money which, until recently, was central element of its ambitions.

“I’ll give you an example – he explained -. Before having a tumor I had a money targetwas of 200 million. Now I don’t care anymore. I told myself that it makes no sense and do you know why? Why do you think you get to 200, then you always want more, then they are 300, then 400. Then you get to the billion and however you realize that that is not the end“.


The rapper’s life in recovering from illness was mostly alongside his children Leone and Vittoria and his wife Chiara Ferragni. The days passed quickly at home: without too many commitments or distractions that they could take time away from his family. The one thing that really matters most right now in the rapper’s life.

After scar shown of the post-operation, Fedez he has not addressed the subject anymore and he has never made it clear to his fans or the media whether he is facing a path or a therapy to completely eradicate the pancreatic cancer that knocked on his door.

Her health conditionsHowever, they get better every day. So much so that, after a long period confined to Milan, it is flew to New Yorkwhere shortly after he was joined by his wife Chiara Ferragni (flew to Mexico for a top secret project) and, together, they participated in the Met Galaguests of Donatella Versace. A way to also return to everyday working lifewithout the hassle of the bank account to rise.

Last updated: Wednesday 4 May 2022, 18:47


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Fedez after the tumor: “My relationship with money has changed, that’s what I would have done first”

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