Fedez and Chiara Ferragni, the joke: “Love, tonight you s**t”. Her reaction throws him off balance

Love and hate. But mostly irony. These are the main components in the link between Fedez And Clare Ferragni that, every day, amuse the followers. The new game for the little ones Leo and Vitto now it is a source of inspiration for Fedez who in his stories makes jokes to wife. A keyboard with images where, by pushing the button, a recorded voice pronounces the corresponding word. And here the rapper went wild. As can be seen from his Instagram stories, Fedez attracts his wife’s attention by saying to her: “Love tonight yes …” and while Chiara approaches him to listen, the word comes out of the game “Sc**a”. But Chiara doesn’t smile and, indeed, the answer is epic.

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Standing in front of Fedez, Chiara looks at him arrogantly and says: «Maybe!». And the rapper is speechless enough to pronounce a simple: “Ah” and writing under the video “he displaced me”. Once again, the two most social spouses ever amuse their followers by unleashing laughter and smiles.

Is the third child coming?

Between a joke and a sketch, the gossip about Chiara and Fedez goes crazy: is the third child on the way? Two years after the birth of the second daughter Vittoria, fans are thinking of the birth of a new baby for the Ferragnez family. The doubt arose after a live feed from Fedez a few days ago, in which the singer, chatting with his wife, almost let himself go into a confidence, immediately blocked by Chiara. However, in the video, the Ferragnezes immediately denied the hypothesis of a third pregnancy: “she is a beautiful thing about the family, she is not pregnant …”. But another clue has come out in the last few hours, awakening the curiosity of the fans who are now so fond of the couple that they would like to see the family expand further.

The joke to deny

A TikTok video that went viral reached the hands of Chiara Ferragni who shared it arousing some suspicions. “This is the son who made you want to make others,” she hears herself say in the accompanying video with shots of little Leone, the Ferragnez’s eldest son. “This is the daughter who made you understand that two children are enough and more,” repeats the automatic voice in the video attached to the photos of the second daughter Vittoria.

And this is where the clue comes in, because Chiara has denied the last sentence by making funny, ironic and dubious faces. So what message would you like to send? It is clear that Ferragni is trying to give some clues and the fans in the comments spare no effort in trying to guess the message: “This is the confirmation, the third child is on the way,” someone wrote. “I feel they will adopt a child,” someone else speculated.

Last updated: Monday 9 January 2023, 21:16


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Fedez and Chiara Ferragni, the joke: “Love, tonight you s**t”. Her reaction throws him off balance

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