Ferragamo dresses the chic man: 6 very elegant loafers from the Italian Maison

To make every man’s outfit chic, sometimes it’s enough to follow tradition; and often this translates to “loafers”. So here are 6 very elegant Ferragamo designer items.

There is little to do, the moccasin the moccasin always remains. Even in these urban times where the fashion is monopolized by streetwear and the footwear from comfortable and extravagant sneakers; the moccasin is always the moccasin. Even in a damned period in which the elegance and taste of clothing gives way to increasingly elastic and raw materials and we find a prevalence of rubber and (scarce) synthetic materials; the moccasin is always the moccasin. But what actually is this famous moccasin? Soft leather or premium leather, zero laces, a more or less high sole depending on the season, a typical and classic cut that has indelibly marked the course of fashion worldwide, but which has found its maximum aesthetic and aesthetic outlet in the Italian tradition cultural too. THE loafers they are loved and still much bought; in recent years, in fact, we have been experiencing a sort of return to the past for a certain type of “radical style”. And those who adopt this taste in dressing refer more and more to a refined and at the same time casual past; here, therefore, the 40s (for the more elegant and composed models) and the 70s (for the refined rebels, a casual-urban always and in any case sartorial) are back in fashion. In short, fashion evolves, also inevitably referring to its own codes of the past, but the moccasins always remain there! Let’s find out, then, which are the most exclusive and chic models designed and produced by one of the major brands Italian Maisonshere are the 6 very elegant moccasins as a man branded Ferragamo.

6 Moccasins by Ferragamo

In the same way as all the other garments and the same footwear (even of another type), moccasins have undergone variations in styles and shapes over the years. New methods have been studied to make this shoe always attractive on the market but one thing has always remained the same to the original, namely the classic and iconic cut of this article. A real one fashion evergreentherefore, and Ferragamo, as a brand, has managed to impress its exclusive signature on the course of the moccasin.

The Florentine-born company, in fact, presents itself as one of the real protagonists and producers of this shoe; always proposing a varied men’s collection capable of combining high craftsmanship and sophisticated designs. From the classic Penny moccasin loafers to the elegant moccasin with tassels, the Ferragamo designer selection is made with finishes with attention to the smallest details and is able to guarantee maximum comfort (for each model proposed).

Here, then, is a small collection of the best six men’s proposals of the Italian brand, six very elegant models that manage to best express the nature of the brand and its desire to keep a much loved tradition alive. Here are My Luxury’s tips for a perfect men’s outfit!

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The classic of classics…

classic Ferragamo moccasins

Let’s start from this model that expresses tradition and “classicism” (e class of course…) in all its linear details. It is a made in Italy production moccasin composed exclusively of super soft calfskin, with a lowerable heel for a double styling option. Quality and functionality, therefore; the tip, on the other hand, is almond-shaped and, together with the Gancini ornament with a squared internal profile, defines a contemporary, informal and, at the same time, refined look. The price of this model is 750 euros.

A casual and modern touch


Now let’s move on to this Ferragamo model that unites refinement and casual look in an innovative mix. Here is a new moccasin in the collection, made in soft calfskin with a natural grain, with a stitched bowl and Gancini ornament in a ruthenium finish.

The most distinctive element of the model is this ultra-light rubber sole with lug tread that adds an informal and metropolitan touch. The “tubular” construction also guarantees exceptional softness and lightness. Also present is a hand-stitched upper, an exclusive traditional technique of luxury shoes; for a purchase price of 850 euros.

The contemporary moccasins


Urban, metropolitan and contemporary; here is a “very fresh” and innovative model of Ferragamo designer moccasin, which confidently and proudly (and vainly) shows off its soft calfskin.

The elegant line of the shoe is decorated with a fine flexible ornament on the crosspiece in an aged palladium finish. The inside of the shoe, on the other hand, is completed by a further rubber detail on the arch (to offer maximum comfort) with signature; the “bold” sole is made of ultra light rubber. The price of these moccasins is 795 euros.

An elegant model…


We now present you with a somewhat alternative lordlya model that stands out for its sophisticated elegance and for some sinuous and fine lines.

This moccasin meets an innovative vision of travel footwear, in an ultra light and comfortable model; the slightly square shape of the toe, the upper in soft calfskin and the Gancini ornament give life to a resolutely contemporary design, with a lowerable heel in jacquard fabric for a double styling. Its cost is 630 euros.

Here are the traditional tassels


Let’s go back to tradition, the classic one, the elegant one; so here are the ionics appearing for the first time here in this list tassels!

This Ferragamo designer, refined and exclusive, in fact has a traditional elongated line on the toe and a slightly squared profile; for a shoe designed for the most elegant outfits. The stitched tray is completed by leather tassels with Gancini detail, to still have an element of modernity and not fall completely retro.

The model is made of handcrafted brushed tumbled calfskin, and has a glossy “surface” with a double tone in the background. The shoe also features a “partition” construction, a guarantee of craftsmanship and excellence. The purchase price of these moccasins is 950 euros.

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The sports moccasins


Alternative, comfortable and sportsmen… These Ferragamo moccasins are dedicated to a refined “lounge wear” or to informal outfits that absolutely do not want to give up on style. Upper in handcrafted calfskin, which has the aesthetic characteristics of the penny moccasin, with shaped crosspiece decorated with a signature, stitched tray, internal lining in leather; the rubber sole is ultra light with embossed Gancini on the edge. The price of the sports model is 630 euros.

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Ferragamo dresses the chic man: 6 very elegant loafers from the Italian Maison

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